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  1. Oh no i was joking about boot camp, it was simply an expression of waiting a long time. So speaking of, April 21st is really how long i must wait? I hope they can still restore it by then..
  2. Just trying to understand what to do. I already contacted support and all that.. I lost my level 103 character that took months to level, this also includes my entire tribes work. I put in a ticket. It was received and i was told they could help, but i need to set up an appointment. Problem is, i looked through all the “available” days and the nearest one is April 21st? More than a month from now? Surely this can’t be right. My tribes stuff will have totally decayed by then. So is there a way to have a quicker response? I’m not entitled or greedy, i don’t think i’m being unreasonable for requesting a time early than 42 days..Hell i’ll probably be at boot camp by then
  3. This is why i haven’t and won’t ever buy Genesis unless it’s gameshared with me. I bought the season pass in 2016 or 17, never spending another penny on Wildcard after my first cheater. What bamboozles me is that despite all of the bugs/deletions/meshers, people STILL BUY STUFF. I only play this game to waste time on as most other games are only good for wasting 1 or 2 hours casually. Maybe i’ll play ESO
  4. Reporting meshers with proof? I already sent a ticket but was just wanting to know how many others have this problem.. So on ORP pvp official i built inside Whitedove or whitewater falls, whichever. The large cave underneath castle dam river. I started building basic structures and behemoth gated all entrances. Tame a bunch of stuff. Next morning, i woke up and was killed by turrets, along with my tames. My gates were intact, somehow this person got inside my cave. There weren’t any holes to climb through. I run back and see he pillared everything with a big turret building also. I spyglassed around..SOMEHOW he had offline structures AND online ones built next to each other. I couldn’t damage anything after wasting 10 c4. So what hope do i have of banning him? I don’t know if it was actually meshing but how else did he smuggle in stuff with gates closed? Kind of unfair he was able to kill everything of mine without issue..
  5. Damn, people are calling me an edgy 1 year old because i explained how MOST online extra-game transactions work..If you don’t believe that most of these huge companies are being funded by the little 10 year old squeakers i don’t know what to tell you. I also don’t understand why a grown up wouldn’t say..what exactly are you even talking about? lol Ark is also one of them because i always seem to encounter crying little boys “plEezE dOnt RAid Me”. Heck, it’s really the parents fault for exposing their children to these games Jesus this forum is nitpicking me to death, ganging up on me and all I wasn’t making an EXACT quote taken from them, it’s just “season pass”, in 90% of games that means all future expansions. Sorry if i didn’t do my research Mr. Lawyerpants Um..Ark is the best game ever and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, no matter how game breaking? (That should blend me in with these cultists. I’m so smart)
  6. Well everyone will always continue this. Us “whiners” are the minority while the majority are the edgy prepubescent children with mommy’s credit card on saved info who buy $100s worth of stuff. And mommy wonders why her credit rating is trash. Also please don’t be condescending. With a name like JoeBlow, might give off the wrong impression
  7. I see what he means though..all of these companies are getting more shady by the month. Ever since EA and the Battlefront debate all of these tripleA companies are definitely getting greedier. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore at this point. Look at Fallout76. They straight up lied to everyone’s face. Claiming they couldn’t increase storage space for items due to technical limitations. Guess what they did a few months later? Unlimited storage space as long as you PAY A SUBSCRIPTION. Complete goons. Red Dead Online is also doing this. Cash is useless, more and more things are only gold bars AKA premium currency. GTA just has extreme inflation. $100 for not even 20 million GTA$ when i could earn that in 5 hours. Hell, even THIS company is acting like them. “Season pass covers all expansions” Oh, really? Pretty sure i’m not supposed to have a $40 paywall..
  8. Meanwhile i’m watching Netflix because i can’t get into any servers. Oh boy i can’t wait for people to grief even MORE with the super powerful turtles. And i thought golems trolls were bad..
  9. I was wondering why i suddenly started getting 15 berries with one hand gather i’m definitely gonna tame a beaver right now since a 150 is only an hour Nvm it’s 2 hours. I hate my life. At least it isn’t 6
  10. This game’s support is utter trash. I remember leaving for a whole year after some server update deleted several of my nearly adult Gigas and all of my current animals. I ask for compensation, they give me THREE not even fully leveled argies and a 225 Rex. Safe to say, my hard drive had .10TB saved for a while Now i’m back after this major Genesis update and i’m hearing reports of exactly what happened to me..With devs doing nothing at all. How do so many people CONTINUE to pay these guys?
  11. I mean..yeah it’s pvp but they’re obviously doing it for some sick pleasure. The videos of them i’ve seen are constant racial slurs, cackling and peeing theirselves at the fact they’re making someone quit from months of work because they’re “untouchable”. You don’t need to be a psychologist to see how deeply flawed they are. In either case i just heard from a little bird that the alpha clan was supplying them to create chaos or some wannabe Joker crap. Yeahh ill just go pvE because i’m totally drained of life right now.
  12. Isn’t that really a quitters option though? I’d really like to get back at these people. And plus i’m not one of the nubs that come to pvp just to escape pve pillars or whatever. I do like to raid bases. How does one get to the point those trolls are at? If they can do it surely i could with some guidance Edit - Nevermind. I left after all
  13. Oh yeah and get this..ONLY on these ORP servers are vaults NOT LOCKED! Meaning anyone can loot your vaults if they’re inside. Literally useless. But at the same time you’re protected while offline so it’s a trade off maybe i should try pvE?
  14. How to deal with super trolls? I’m new here but this problem is bad enough to the point i created a forum account to ask people.. How does one counter the hardcore raiders with rock golems and tek? I play on ORP official Xbox. There’s a few groups roaming around just raiding everyone clean of supplies. I thought they were just inexperienced 10 year olds until it happened to me.Some guy (just one guy) comes up to my fully gate enclosed base, bombs it, and throws out a golem lvl 260 or so. Starts draining all of my turrets that i have spent weeks filling. Few minutes later, he walks away and tosses another 260 out. Long story short, everything i owned was stolen. I logged off. From my log he had a third also. Cheeky little sociopath even made a video laughing about it. He had at least 1 ascendant saddle. On a GOLEM. So what on earth could a level 70 solo player possibly do to counteract that? No amount of any defense i make will work after something like this..There must be a way. Surely you’re not supposed to just let them steamroll you whenever they please?
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