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  1. first off type in console while the game. cheat enablecheats pass123 (this is default if memory serves right). ive changed mine years ago for my server. setcheatplayer true (to turn this off after is setcheatplayer false) (the amount of hibernation creatures will be at the bottom. mine says 38133 atm on the map, now u know how many are on the map) next is either via single player slider bar called dino count (1 is enough) just increase by tiny amounts even 0.2 at a time will increase by drastic ammounts the number of creatures u have on the map. Or on your own server settings as like i run mine, i use Ark Server Manager and the setting is Dino Spawns: again this is set to 1 via a slider bar in the dino settings section. but as i say tiny increases will cause huge amounts to spawn, so test out 0.1 (1.1) for yourself, mine is set to 1.4. hope this helps in any way.
  2. ghosty1974

    Looks a mess

    Looks a mess Iam sure when i played this about a year or so ago it did not look like a huge mess of trees etc, just a load of models thrown around to make look finished, tbf i have not finished looking about, but so far rly messy i cant say much else. and OUCH my eyes, i dont remember it being this bright either here. (gamma 0.8). night time is better than daytime, i can actualy see now its dark.....(its not actualy dark....) (gamma default btw)
  3. no errors, litterly connection has timedout, just before mods start to load. on all maps. ie valg, genesis, island all of them same issue.
  4. i have the same issues on my many servers i run for myself through ASM. All timeout as the mod start to load, (none load its litterly just befroe the 1st tries to load up).
  5. Place ur bets..... Place ur bets, delay or no delay... i recon delay going by previous releases...
  6. I would love to know how/why outside IRL issues effect a game ....( A GAME), a game i might say that has no political voice in it (while playing). We play games to pass the time, have fun, all i have seen so far is a games company virtual signaling along with a load of crazy lib dems virtual signaling in this thread. i now speak directly to these said people i have mentiond, grow the hell up and stop with pushing politics into a area of life were it actualy stands for nothing, we as a whole are faceless 1's and 0's in game, there is no racisum due to this. So in conclusion, keep ur real world bs in the real world, u r a games compan not poloticains or even in any way have a political voice to be heard cos we on the majority do not care for the bs reasons that are spoon fed to the community. End conclusion, i dont care about wildcards reasons to delays this, as i do not belive them, and to all u wailers out there to flame me or this comment, grow up and stop trying to be hollier than though as when u look in the mirror i dare say u see someone u dont like cos ur fake with fake reasons to make ur life complete. i dont want polotics in my happy time playing games (sarcasum for those that dont understand that kind of humor), that is for RL, outside of that so keep it there please. (sorry for all the typos).
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