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  1. i guess all us breeders were cheaters for having level 1 breeding stock as well since it's impossible to get a level 1 on non starter official servers right? @gingai some/many of us have been playing ark/breeding since the game was released. with tens of thousands of hours actually sitting in front of ark smashing dinos together to get those stats the way they are. Can they look like they're cheated or exploited sure they can look that way, but outside of unofficial servers or singleplayer the game has a certain set of hard coded caps for dino stats AND Levels on official servers as others have said before in this thread. calling the mods or other community members liars for something you don't fully understand where they have a firm grasp of the concepts have practiced them for years is just poor form. much like a dentist telling an electrician that electricity at any capacity is absolutely 100% safe
  2. so did some playing around, seems as though using cheat destroyall PlayerPawnTest_Female_C 1 cheat destroyall PlayerPawnTest_male_C 1 helps but does not solve the issues, be warned it will leave no bag and it will kill your character
  3. so has anyone that's popped the saves into single player managed to figure out how to circumvent the absolutely atrocious fps? if so how did you pull it off?
  4. use the command "cheat DestroyFoliage 1000000 false" no quotation marks in the console command area it'll wipe the folliage rocks etc from the map until it respawns that should reset the radius for built in areas.
  5. crack crack of all words we cant crack rocks, have a piece of cracked wood, or maybe some cracked pepper after cracking and cooking some cracked eggs poor jimmy cant crack corn anymore and apparently that terribly maniacal evil button in the incubator needs to be censored as well.
  6. well considering as far as im aware the steam version of ark has nothing to do with the xbox or windows store filters your reason would be invalid would it not. but hey we all know public testing has never been a strong suit within ark. and if wc is forcing MS's chat filters into the game they can sure as well add an option to allow the player base to turn it off which nullifies EVERY issue in this thread. i do apologize if im getting testy with this but the it wasnt me it was them excuse gets really old when you see and hear it on a daily basis.
  7. nope on PC so the Xbox filter unless they've somehow Frankenstein'd it into the game shouldn't apply(basing this off my very limited knowledge of programming or what they used) . i know Black Desert had an extremely hardcore filter but at least they allowed people to opt out of it client side why that couldn't be the same case here is utterly beyond me.
  8. no** **n't (nope don't) mute people that's just rude god if words hurt people this badly maybe they shouldn't be allowed to go to school, enter libraries or use the interwebz
  9. lol "crack" .... literally one of the most used buttons in the game is a filtered word now, they really just need to allow us to opt out of filters.
  10. lol asking people to math that's a funny one
  11. cant name our purple dinopithicus "Grape" either lol. but naming it f***er worked fine i thought it was blizzard that trademarked the term "working as intended" *edit* no we didnt leave it named that lol
  12. so apparently this atrocious attempt at bad word filtering claims bigger you know the word for larger and big ger are bad words but it's quite perfectly fine to toss pretty much every cuss in the dictionary around wow just wow talk about tight tolerances
  13. yes they did do a new years drop, and the presents were pathetic compared to previous new years drops. sure glad i didnt break plans to attend the new years drop.
  14. hopefully wc will give us access to the official server saves if/when they start nuking servers i'd much rather port the maps my tribe/allies have put years of work into over to a private cluster
  15. my totally off topic reply is because he quoted me, a reply that goes back to someone talking about losing dino's and bases.
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