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  1. PS4 game setting return to default everytime the game is restarted. L1+R1 dont toggle fists. Radial whistle bugged. Swarms are ridiculously overwhelming in the swamp. Swarms attack through buildings. In split screen if one dies and respawns both screens turn to the spawn video.... can't think of any more at the minute.
  2. Maybe they should have delayed release a bit longer. The bugs are so freaking broken. It's not playable. My husband and I were so excited to have a new map to play together. Even in split screen with two ppl the swarms are unmanageable. Plus the whistle is broken and we can't even hit the damn things unless we're in third person. Mochops do demolish the swarms fast though, if you can keep it from running off. Fix this crap wild card!
  3. Same: I tamed a pelagornis on the ocean biome scratched together enough rez to make a saddle.... flyers disabled. This is bullpoop. ?
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