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  1. Just get rid of the swarms. They add nothing to the game but an annoyance. https://morbotron.com/gif/S02E08/724755/726206/R0lSTFMgTElLRSBTV0FSTVMKIE9GIExJWkFSRFMsIFJJR0hUPw==
  2. They need to remove the swarms all together at this point. How did this get past testing? It's making me regret purchasing the Genesis DLC. https://morbotron.com/gif/S02E08/724755/726206/R0lSTFMgTElLRSBTV0FSTVMKIE9GIExJWkFSRFMsIFJJR0hUPw==
  3. Remove the Swarms in the Bog Please remove the Swarms until you can figure out a way to make them less annoying. At this point I'm getting ready to ask for a refund... Even after updating our Unofficial server they are a constant annoyance and still attacking us in our bases. How did this get past testing? https://morbotron.com/gif/S02E08/724755/726206/R0lSTFMgTElLRSBTV0FSTVMKIE9GIExJWkFSRFMsIFJJR0hUPw==
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