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  1. Over past 3 weeks official servers struggling more than they ever had, connection issues, transfer issues and meshes worse than pre release, all I ask is can I log on for once and just play the game I’ve payed over $100 for please. Thanks.
  2. What do you do when their is 5x Aimbotting ghosting hackers that come to your cave and spawn trap you for hours on end with a tek rail gun when you know their is already thousand hours of 50+ real life people who put their time in building up that base only to be faced with a relentless hacker and no help from any devs, all we got as a response was we will look into it?, dev it’s been 24 hours now the cave is done for why is their no 24/7 live support system with a game that revolves around real life time. So I ask, what would you do if this were you?. Quit.
  3. Fury Mode Servers same as PixARK I was looking at PixARKs server settings and they had one called Fury and I’m telling you that would be the best server to play on and much more people will enjoy the game cause at least you can spend the week picking yourself up, get a couple tames under your belt before the weekend hits and it’s pvp. The way fury mode works is PVE during the week and PVP on the weekend. tbh switching to PixARK just for the fury mode based server is almost enough convincing for me to switch over. cheers
  4. Blackscreen gamma final boss fight bugged Hi, Entered final boss screen all black but can see the HUD and tribe mates and dinos also the keys on the floor but all else is black re entered the boss just by ourselves and was still happening, lost all our dinos cant get it back now ......very sad. any fixes?
  5. Having the same issues just lost lots of super dinos very poop indeed
  6. Add hot key HLNA and Nerf Hover skiff In PVP Hi, please add a hot key option to HLNA yesterday she refused to reset and kept staring in my face and I couldn’t buy vital materials a feature this important shouldn’t be AI dependant. Hover skiffs need to be nerfed or more costly to use as we have been getting griefed and raided multiple times when our base locations are very hard to get to when hover skiffs just fly around no problems as OP the gravity pull is I think it is fun to use if I ever had one but definitely need to increase the fuel consumption and element required
  7. Oceanic small tribe servers Hello, Please oceanic small tribes servers and no allies allowed and 2x is much needed, Thanks
  8. Mission exploits and Genesis cross server uploads Hi hi, I would like to point out if genesis is to remain balanced and fair I’m talking about the big guys vs little guys the cross server uploads needs to remain disabled and survivors need to stop being able to make new ones like pop corn while having a main on another server it just not a MMO if that’s the case our characters to be soul bound so this means still able to transfer servers but have a cap example, one survivor allowed for pvp servers and pve servers let me explain. Right now on our server this is Chinese Japanese speakin
  9. More OCEANIC SERVERS Hello, Can NA or EU please donate a server for the OC player base as we only have 2 servers some how thats enough, thank you
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