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  1. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos. Then made some tranq arrows, took some narcotic, and went wandering - since I have all that kibble and no way to return it to the main base, might as well tame something. First I found a kapro. A high-level female kapro. Tried to knock out, but the thing was too smart - once it noticed that I'm out of reach, it started running away. Gave up - not much point in kapros anyway. Then I saw an owl. A level 15 female owl, white. Would have been good for making more white owls happen if I ever returned to the owl project, so I tried to tranq that. But no trap and too many predators around - gave up on that, too. Then I saw a griffin. 135, light colored (as it turned out later, Albino, BigFoot4 and NearWhite). Near a trap. A locked trap, but one of the gates was open, so I decided to try and use it anyway. I got the griffin's attention, and first tried to get it into the trap using my wyvern - sometimes just flying BY the trap ends up with the chasing dino getting trapped. No such luck this time, though. So I dismounted and lured the griffin in on foot. It hit me three times before I got out of the trap - and I wouldn't have survived the fourth. But I was alive, griffin was trapped, and I started shooting. I shot and shot and shot. The griffin was getting really bloody then it turned around and flew out of the trap. I chased it and, over some cliffs, it finally fell! To interact with it at all I had to stand on my wyvern as she hovered in place - the thing decided to make my life harder by falling over the part where landing is not possible. I checked the griffin's stats with Dododex, and believe it or not, it wasn't a bad griffin! Highest stat melee. So I tamed it, and podded it, and uploaded it, and returned home. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Valguero) Gigas almost grown! Retrieved the griffin, named it Kestrel, exported stats - post-tame not bad either, 31 point in HP, 37 in stam, 31 in weight, and 40 in melee. I mean, it's pretty useless anyway (I have much better options for travel, combat, egg/milk runs... Honestly, the only thing my other tames can't do that Kestrel can is "be a griffin"), but it's nice to have a GOOD pretty useless tame. Bred sinos, argnts and wyverns, didn't keep any eggs. Hatched yesterday's yuty egg and podded the resulting baby for later. And that's al for today.
  2. (Official, Valguero) In the morning bred things (sinos, wyverns, allos, tropeos, argents), cracked all eggs. Imprinted gigas. That was all for some time because I decided to lay down for a bit and ended up sleeping until evening. That's a day wasted, but at least when I logged back in this time, gigas were ready for their FINAL imprint! So I imprinted them. Took a magma and a gasbags to get some metal. And okay, I may return to ol' "Ankylo+argy" for serious metal runs - my gasbags can't carry nearly as much (8000 weight means nothing when metal is involved and weight reduction isn't). Even though magma feels much better because GIANT FIRE LIZARD OF DEATH. Unpodded the wyvern for a bit of raising. Fed dinos, filled a gacha with stone and got some element, unpodded and bred a pair of ankylos, also bred allos and yuties (one yuty egg stays). Repodded the wyvern, and that's all for today.
  3. (Official, Valguero) Took a shotgun. Made ammo. Made soup. Made kibble. Uploaded all that+a podded wyvern and an empty pod. I was determined to finally get an amarga. (Official, Lost Island) Downloaded all that (and finally uploaded the magma saddle). Took the wyvern and went searching for amargas. Found some, tried some - trapless taming, predictably, resulted in dead amargas. Ended up settling on a beautiful 130 male. Built a trap - a box with a ramp, plus some spikes around to prevent dinos that I'll lure to it from hitting the amarga. And... Best I got before running out of creatures to hunt was 4%. Wasn't my only attempt with that amarga. Later I took down that trap because I spotted one of those proper amarga traps - and I couldn't even get him into it. So, that's several hours wasted, resources wasted (Sure, I can upload the gun and ammo back And I did. But all that kibble - it stays. And unless I decide to tame something there, which is faily unlikely, it'll be useless), and I no longer want an amarga. It' not worth it. (Official, Valguero) Imprinted gigas. The allo is adult now. Refilled the troughs, retrieved the saddle, gun and ammo, and that's all for today.
  4. (Official, Valguero) Imprinted the gigas, put some meat into the maewing and unpodded the allo. Unpodded the wyvern, too. Made some repellant (I was running low on it), some gunpowder (I have plenty, but that charcoal was just sitting in my forge doing nothing, so...), fed the gacha and made some element. Decided that my base was a bit cluttered, so podded Carrot (I'm only using Ratteki anyway, so no point in having two velonas out), mantises (it's not like I have any success with them), and two of the owls (four (+the one I sometimes ride) is enough. I always forget about breeding them anyway, so no reason to have all the breeders out). And also Elisabeth - soon enough I'll have two extra gig breeders - ones with my better melee, so no point in having her out. Imprinted the wyvern. Refilled troughs. Put more meat into the maewing for the allo - he's staying out, he'll be fine. Podded the wyvern. And that's all - for now, at least. ... Logged back on, imprinted gigas and the allo (I just thought - I have his base stats saved anyway. Might as well have him imprinted), unpodded the wyvern. Decided to tame a male oviraptor to start yet another pointless breeding project, but couldn't find one, so nope. Went to the trench, got milk, and also an egg. Fed the wyvern. Cracked the egg - boring colors, and the stats were bad even for its level. That's not all for today - I'll log back on AGAIN in a bit, because I forgot to repod the wyvern. ... Aaand repodded. And that's all for today.
  5. It may sound childish but... Riding big, bloodthirsty reptiles is the main thing. I mean, yeah, building, exploring, yay! But mostly it's taming dinos, riding dinos, fighting dinos, wasting time on making better (and if I get lucky with the color side of mutations - prettier) dinos.
  6. (Official, Valguero) Today my connection was better - logged in after just two attempts, no disconnects during the hunt AND I had enough time to not just feed and imprint the gigas, but also feed everything else - even the basilos (I remember about those less often than about my other dinos, as they live outside the base), and give bees more flowers (three stacks for each)! Maybe tomorrow it'll be good enough to try and check on the sidebases, feed things there as well. ... It's okay now! It fixed itself! First I logged on to (Official, Lost Island) - fed dinos, went with my argent to the swamp and killed a ton of leeches for the chitin, returned home, made cementing paste, made a magma saddle, uploaded a canoe (didn't want to wait for the saddle to become uploadable - was too eager to check on my other bases). then I went to (Official, Extinction), took the wyvern and went hunting in the wasteland. Fed dinos. After that - off to (Official, Crystal Isles) where I, as usual, just refreshed the base. And then finally (Official, Valguero) - bred argents, gigas, sinos, tropeos, wyverns and mantises. A giga egg stays, everything else was bad. Second giga egg had a mutation, but the color was meh and the stat was food, so cracked that one. Topped up the troughs, imprinted the gigas (both wanted a walk this time - lucky me, no rerolling!), retrieved the canoe, rowed half across the map, then picked up the canoe and flew back using my sino - no reason, just for fun. After all that stuff with bad connection I felt I deserved some no-reason, good connection-reliant fun. And through it all - not a single disconnect!
  7. (Official, Valguero) Today electricity went out for a bit and my Wi-Fi connection has been extremely bad since then (like, could barely connect for long enough to load even the lightest of pages), so I was almost sure that I won't be able to feed my gigas and they'll starve, joining many others who, for various reasons, met the same fate. Thankfully, just now it became JUUUST good enough to pop onto the server (after several attempts), mount my giga, go outside, get some meat, put it into the troughs, go outside again, get even more (one disconnect happened while I was at it, but I keep Phobos on neutral, so the deinons that came to snack on me and my sino joined the rest of the meat in his inventory instead), put THAT into the troughs, and even add some more element to the generator and imprint the gigas (yes, they'll be breeder females. But I like imprinted gigas. And anyway, I remember their melee stat and I'm using incubators, so its not like I won't be able to tell if I finally get a melee mut just because I made them all nice and imprinted). And that might be all for today, or not. Depends on how my connection behaves form now on.
  8. (Official, Valguero) Hatched eggs from the last time, bred dinos again (argents, sinos, mantises, tropeos, wyverns and gigas). Didn't keep any eggs. Filled tek trough, put some meat into the maewing as well. Some berries went into the mae too - I wanted to raise a dodo. Unpodded gigas, yuties, allo and dodo. AFKed for a bit, then checked on crumplecorn and apparently with a full tek trough my gigas can live for 15 hours so I podded everything except for them and the dodo. Wanted to give the dodo more berries and decided to get them with the maewing itself, but bushes and shrubs available within my base aren't all that great, so I went outside to harvest the yellow flowers instead. An allo happened, me and the mae escaped, and now I know babies in baskets can be hit. That sets my stupid little dodo mutating project back a bit. No big deal. Anyway, that's all for today. Unless I stay awake for longer, then I'll log in quickly to top up the trough, and THAT'LL be all for today. Maybe I should add a second tek trough, after all - I can afford it! ... And since a bit over an hour later I WAS awake after all, I logged back on, made a second trough... Didn't go entirely fine - when I was about to unload the final stack of metal into the replicator (and thanks to my sino for allowing me to carry an entire stack at a time), the game crashed. No message no nothing. Boom! Desktop. The good thing about crashes of that kind, however, is that when they happen the game shuts entirely almost instantly, so I was able to run it again and finish crafting very quickly. My sino, however, was nowhere to be found, so I went to the elevator, took my argent and went looking... Only to find him hovering near the workshop's roof (he's a bright pink non-bird thing, how did I NOT notice him while still being on the roof myself?). I whistled for him to follow, he started following and... Disappeared. I looked around with an owl - nothing. I took my tropeo and went to 50-50 - nothing (except for a decayed dust dedi with 20+ stacks in it. Which I looted. Hey, if my pet isn't there, might as well get something out of my trip! The bag dropped underwater, so I had to take a bit, make it into element while swimming back to the surface, then sink back and repeat.) Then I returned home, took a new sino out of the fridge, leveled him (all stam. Ended up with nearly 3000 of it!) and... My previous sino was there, trying to fly through a rock to go back to the sino coop, where the leash in which he's locked stands. I decided to keep using the new one, though. I mean, nearly 3000 stam! The old one will live in the coop. Then I took Phobos and hunted. Topped up the first trough, half-filled the second. According to the calculator, one and a half troughs will last my gigas 23 hours - I can be as lazy as I want, they'll be fine. And now THAT'S all for today. For real.
  9. According to the announcement, transfers to LI will be enabled on March 18, so not yet.
  10. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, killed an alpha raptor. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Yep, just that. Wasn't in a very ARK mood today, as a game long-gone made a return recently so today I was mostly busy with that. You can't blame me - that thing was gone for years, I missed it!
  11. Gigas. Big! Powerful! Lots of health, on passive can be used as a safety rock for taming stuff! And due to the way I got my first two (very first one was stuck on some rocks when I found her, still stuck when I came back with darts and a rifle, STILL stuck when I made better darts and came back with them, just generally was stuck on small rocks the whole time, second one got stuck in the Abb cave's entrance after some chasing) I can't help but associate my gigas with ARK having things randomly happen in MY favor for once. Rexes (tek rexes specifically). While I no longer breed them (though I still have my breeders - they're just podded), tek rexes DO take a place on the list of my favorites: my first serious breeding project, for a long time - my main ride. Also, most players breed rexes FOR bosses. I did bosses (which I never really planned to do) to give a purpose to a bunch of breejects after getting tired of killing perfectly good rexes whose only crime was not getting any new mutations. So in a way rexes made me progress in the game way past what I'd achieve otherwise. Wyverns (fire and ice specifically). They're wyverns. How can you expect me NOT to like them? Maewings. Well, obviously! I mean, the first thing on the list are GIGAS. Which I breed. Maewings are life-saving, oddly platypus-shaped angels, anyone who previously raised gigas maewing-free on official and then got a mae would agree with me. And they're cute or whatever. Sinomacrops. My base is huge, and riding something around is not ideal, as I'd have to either keep appropriate food in every trough, or ALWAYS return my ride to the trough that has food for it. But with a sino I can just fly and glide around, quickly getting from my house to any end of the base. No need to remember to leave it at the proper trough - a few stacks of chitin can last it a long time and weight basically nothing. Also, safe trapless taming (if the sino has enough stamina). Also - if I'm taming on the other shore and need more supplies, there's no need to take the land mount that was with me there (usually my giga) get down from the cliff, to the other shore, up, then to my base - I can just leave my ride there and fly back to my base with my sino, grab what I need and be back! Quickly! Magmasaurs. Hit hard, harvest things, look cool, aren't picky about their food, decently fast, fun to use (You get a glob of molten metal! And YOU get a glob of molten metal! Don't want it? Maybe don't exist in my path while I'm riding my awesome fire lizard, then. (just in case: I'm a PVE player, so it's just wild dinos that get globs of molten metal. I'm not setting beach bobs on fire or anything like that). Sure, an anky may be better at some things, but can an anky cook you a dinner? I don't think so! But magma can (as long as you don't mind it being cooked meat of some kind). Allos. Well, duh! I'm not named "AllOfTheCarnos", am I? They may be a bit too loud, but they look great. An all-black allo was my first large carnivore on official, and after I lost her I spent a long time obsessively trying to breed a new one (that first one was a wild-tame, and I didn't have any other allos while she was still alive. Stupid, I know). I succeeded in the end, and now I'm trying to work on improving my all-black allos so that they not just look cool, but bite hard, too. Gachas. Need metal but don't feel like doing a metal run today? Gacha. Need obsidian but don't feel like doing an obsidian run ever? Gacha. Need sulfur but the only place on your map where you can get it is the wyvern trench and you still value your life thank you very much? Gacha. Oil? Gacha. Crystal? Gacha. Pearls? Gacha. Want to wear all riot but don't want to spend your precious resources on making it? Gacha and a bit of luck. Gachas are great.
  12. (Official, Valguero) Fed some of the dinos. Filled a maewing and the tek trough, because today I decided to raise not just juvies, but also one baby. Unpodded gigas, wyvern, and two yuties - Small Fluffy Weak Giga and a still nameless baby (both female). Gave the gacha some thatch doors and spent some time picking up and opening crystals. Bred gigas, wyverns, tropeos, argents, sinos, allos and dodos. A dodo egg and an allo egg kept (dodo male with new mutation, allo male, right colors, right stats - will be my new breeder). After I was done with that, checked on the growing wyvern - 800 food left. Put away all valuables and the sino, took a rifle and some darts, hopped on my milk-run wyvern and went to the trench. The public trp I was always using was, unfortunately, gone - it was a great big cage with behemoth tek gates on both ends, excellent for both simply milking wyverns one at a time AND for easily trapping and disposing of pretty much the entire angry, ice-breathing contents of the trench to have an opportunity to actually pick eggs instead of grabbing the first thing you see. Instead there was a typical pillars-and-triangles trap, meant to be used with a smaller flyer - at most with a crystal wyvern. After checking around for other options and finding none I decided to give it a go. Found a level 15 female, aggroed, flew... A level 150, also female, aggroed too. I flew past the trap, as close to its side as possible, and it worked! One of the wyverns did end up trapped despite the fact that I couldn't lead it in a straight line due to my own wyvern also being of trappable size. It was a 150, unfortunately, but I had enough darts so whatever. Killed the 15, tranqed the 150, took milk, killed her, and went home. Took my stuff and my sino, fed the wyvern, podded him and all other babies, and that's all for today.
  13. (Official, Lost Island) "How about I get another magma egg, since the first two were so easy?" thought I to myself. And so I deposited all my items except for the canteen into my carno for safekeeping (higher chance of remembering about them in a carno, than in a box), made some food, mounted my ptera and went to the volcano. My base is far form it. Very far. Other-end-of-the-map far. It took me a long time to get there. And just as I was almost there - maintenance announcement! So I landed within the borders of some other player's base for safety and waited that out. Then I logged back in, mounted my ptera again, and continued my way. There were too many magmas in the first cave. Too. Many. Like "no way I'm getting past that on the way IN, let alone on the way OUT" many. So I went to the other one. Plenty magmas there too, but less. Took a look - no eggs. Some players deathbag was there, but I'm not the type to take things from players deathbags, only from the decayed structure ones. So I decided to see if the situation improved at all in the first cave. Nope. It got worse, now there was a magma right outside one entrance, and three more jammed into the other. And then I had the "bright" idea to make a bow, shoot the magma and lead it away with my ptera. I tried such things in singleplayer, so I knew it could work... Didn't account for the chance of a sudden FPS drop, though. So, yeah. Died. Didn't feel like retrieving the ptera, even though it seemed to survive - transfers are soon, so I'll be able to get anything I want anyway, no reason to fly across the whole map AGAIN for some bird. Fed the dinos, and made a canoe, which I'll upload for my main base some time later. Not that I need a canoe at my main base, but gotta get SOMETHING, right? (Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base, checked on the wyverns - they still have plenty crystals left. (Official, Valguero) Hatched the wyvern egg. It looks decent, despite orange on region 5 instead of brown (brown (or a gray or black mutation) would have made him perfect). Took it out of the hatchery and left it to grow. Harvested some meat and unpodded gigas. Bred sinos (only two females were ready), gigas (one ready) and argents (one ready). Kept the giga egg (clean female). Gave the gacha some thatch doors, got and cracked some crystals... But then I did the stupid thing. I got bored and decided to sprint using my tek pants and... I forgot to disable the sprint before using my sino. Too much speed, lag, loss of control, I fell and died, couldn't find where, lost everything that was on me, which, obviously, included the sino. Like, he might be alive, but no idea where. I searched for him, found nothing. Took a new sino, grabbed some decent (43 armor) cloth pants, and decided to not wear tek armor again until I stop being an idiot (that means never wear it). Repodded gigas and the wyvern, fed dinos and that's all for today.
  14. Ouch. Unless there would be only a low chance of colored dinos spawning, it'll be an absolute eyepain-fest.
  15. (Official, Valguero) Since thanks to my new gacha I don't need to keep all the element only for when I really, really, REALLY need it, I took a stack and made tek leggings and tek gauntlets. Too bad I don't have the boots unlocked, but flak ones look decently enough with the leggings (as in "at least there's no clipping"). The argent and the tropeo are adult now, I podded Bloody Cupid (previous breeder argent) and moved the new one in his place. As for previous breeder tropeo - I moved him away form the females and replaced him with the new one, but he's not podded because he happens to also be the tropeo I ride. Bred argents ad tropeos, as well as wyverns, gigas, allos, dodos and sinos. Only kept one wyvern egg (male, all available gray inherited, melee, unfortunately, isn't, but it takes forever to get a male, all gray AND all stats wyvern, so I'll hatch and raise this one to use until I get the perfect one), and one giga egg (clean female). Gave the gacha a bunch of stone, got enough dust for a few pieces of element. Arrows would have been better than stone, but I didn't feel like making them today. Unpodded my MEK and used it to harvest the meat for today's feeding. Spent, like, 20 element just shooting things. Wasteful? Maybe. But felt great. Fed the dinos, took the few remaining pieces of element form the MEK, repodded it and that's all for today.
  16. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos. An overconfident rex conveniently died to two stegos right outside my gate, so that's where I got part of the meat (rest was from those two stegos). (Official, Extinction) Took my wyvern and went wandering, biting any benches and lampposts on my way. Got a bit over a stack of dust. found myself near the Sunken Forest entrance and since I had a hatchet and a few cryopods on me I decided to try my luck with the gachas. First one (level 20, male) was no good. Second (50, male) same. Third (20, male) same... But then I found a pair. Female was level 90, don't remember the male. He doesn't matter, he was a failure as always. The female, though... She. Was. A. Dust. Gacha! My first ever! I podded her, and went to the Sanctuary, and uploaded her and the dust. Then I fed my dinos. (Official, Valguero) Took saddle and pellets from my current female gacha and podded her. Downloaded the new one and the dust. Made dust into a piece of element and some shards, saddled the gacha, gave her the pellets, put her into the old one's place, made a ton of arrows and gave them to her. Oh, and of course I named her: she's Felicia now. And the rest was mostly AFKing and occasionally picking up and opening the crystals - I got 23 pieces of element like that! No more dust runs except the fun, tek dino hunting ones! Now that I have Felicia, I can use the replicator as often as I want, and use the MEK much more often too, and basically just do whatever because I have a steady source of element right on my base. Awesome. Bred wyverns, gigas, allos, sinos, owls and mantises, didn't keep any eggs - nothing good. But that's okay, I got my huge chunk of luck today by finding a dust gacha. Fed dinos. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.
  17. (Offical, Valguero) Checked on the babies (growing fine. Plenty of meat left). Took Phobos and went to the Beaver Lake to hunt. Decided to try and tame a rhino, killed a lot until I found an acceptable one (male, level 135), knocked him out while hovering above him on my sino (sinos are amazing), but he fell asleep in a shallow stream, so yeah. Had to kill him, his oxygen was dropping. Didn't have a lot of darts left, so I flew high up with my sino and glided all the way back to my base (sinos are amazing), grabbed more darts and some kibble, flew up again and returned to Phobos, killed more rhinos, found another 135 male, knocked him out, thankfully on dry land this time, and tamed. I named him Fat Unicorn. I had a rhino BP so I made him a good saddle, had to use replicator to craft it - the thing, over 90 armor and ascendant in quality, takes A LOT to craft. Ended up with a bit over 100 armor, not at all surprising considering the BP's stats. Fat Unicorn is as close to being invulnerable as it's possible for a wild-tame to be while wearing it. Tested him and, not bad, I guess? For a herbivore, anyway. Gonna level some health, some stam, and A LOT of melee. And that's all for today.
  18. (Offical, Valguero) Fed the dinos (carnivores only, herbivores still have some berries left), bred gigas, sinos and wyverns, wanted to breed allos too, but turns out I forgot to turn mating on them the last time, so the female is on cooldown. Didn't keep any eggs. Filled a maewing with meat and unpodded the argent and the tropeo for some raising. Took Hothead and went to hunt/wander/raid beaver dams. Went just fine, but as I was returning home I nearly lost him to two rexes, as they both attacked from the sides, so spitting on them wasn't really possible, and melee isn't all that great. I managed to kill one rex, and was saved form the other by some wild deinons, so in the end Hothead was down to about half health but alive. I healed him up with an owl. The argent and the tropeo got to 6% each, I decided they'll last to 10% on what's in the maewing, so I gathered more meat, put it into the tek trough and turned on the generator - they'll be staying out for the night. And that's all for today.
  19. (Official, Lost Island) Fed the dinos. (Official, Extinction) Also fed the dinos. (Official, Valguero) Fed the dinos, bred mantises, dodos, sinos, gigas, allos and wyverns. Didn't keep any eggs, none were good at all. Filled a maewing with meat and raised an argent and a tropeo for a bit. Took some sulfur from a maewing and put it into the sino trough, because I keep magmas and elemental there, and I really, really don't know why I kept feeding them individually with rocks for so long when they're living near a trough. Smelted some metal in my two saddled magmas, then took one of them (Hothead, to be precise) and went hunting. Would have been more fun if today was a bit less stuttery (I mean, it was pretty okay, but when aiming with a magma it's best if it's "so damn smooth" rather than just "pretty okay"), but was fun anyway. Robbed one beaver dam, just to have a reason to destroy it with Searing Spit afterwards. Searing Spit is awesome and broke the thing in one hit - the best non-magma dam destroying I've had was with a wyvern's bite, and that took THREE whole hits. Might start using magmas instead of wyverns for cementing paste runs. Repodded the argent and the tropeo. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base. And that's all for today.
  20. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas, sinos, allos, wyverns and mantises. Kept one giga egg (clean female), cracked the rest. Hatched the eggs from the last time. Running out of space in the baby fridges, so unpodded and killed all the baby ice wyverns except for Goldspike - it's not like I was going to raise them anyway. My sino got 2 levels from that. Also, remember that one time when I tamed a sarco, named him Wiggles, and decided to pod him forever because useless? Which happened on the same day when I last podded Alduin and Asha, only to discover next day that a rollback happened, so they were never podded and ended up starving? Today I checked the tribe log (no reason, I just do that sometimes. Occasionally discover things as a result) and now I know to what moment EXACTLY that rollback was: to the moment when I was testing Wiggles just outside my waterpen, a tiny bit out of its trough's range. I know that now because that was the only time (Outside of the moment when he was freshly tamed) when Wiggles was out of any trough's range, but not podded, and since the thing I found in the tribe log was the notification of him starving to death, that's clearly the moment to which the rollback was. Also explains why I logged on to find myself dead that day - I was underwater with no SCUBA when that happened, of course I died! So, that's a mystery solved, not that it mattered. And that's all for today.
  21. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, made a little bit of cementing paste. Yep, not much is going on on that base, as for now I got everything from it that I'm not too lazy to get. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, heard a drop, saw it, blue, but other player was already on the way there, so nope. Uploaded the loot form the previous one, as well as half a stack of dust. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, downloaded the loot and dust (still very happy about my tek transmitter. The one rex death that happened during the beta fight was SO worth it!). Hatched the argent egg from the last time, checked him using Smart Breeding - mutation is weight, with Pink Coloring on the underside. Yep, he stays. Out of the new eggs, unfortunately, only one stays: a tropeo, male. Not sure what stat the mutation is on (I'll check after he hatches), but stats don't matter much on tropeos anyway for me - it's a "gotta go fast" dino, doesn't need to withstand damage or do much of it - just carry some weight, fly for a fair distance, and look awesome doing it. Wasn't the only mutation I got today, but the other one was a female giga with a speed mutation, which is just... no. Even though the color was either DarkWarmGray or MediumDarkGray on body (I don't remember which. If I memorized every color ID on every fail egg I crack or fail baby I kill, I'd have no room left in my mind for anything else). And that's all for today.
  22. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, did a small cementing paste run, bred gigas, sinos, allos, wyverns, argents, mantises and tropeos. Hatched the eggs form the last time and podded the results. Out of the new eggs two stay: 1 giga (clean female) and one argent (male, mutated but haven't checked on what yet, all good stats inherited, colors good too. Will be a new breeder). And that's all for today.
  23. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. (Official, Extinction) The shadowmane that was on my base is gone. Taken back by its owner, or maybe simply decayed. Fed dinos, heard a drop and went to investigate - Blue! Defended it just fine. The loot wasn't particularly great, best thing were two stacks of hard poly. nd that's all for today.
  24. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred dinos (gigas, allos, sinos, wyverns, mantises, tropeos, argents and dodos). Only kept giga eggs - both clean 21 melee females. And that's all for today.
  25. (Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, uploaded a few net ammos and a bit of dust. (Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base, gave wyverns a bit more crystal. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos (carnivores only), bred argents, gigas, mantises, allos, tropeos, wyverns and sinos. Only kept the giga eggs (both clean females). Hatched the eggs form the last time. Noticed that I forgot to disable breeding on the dodo male last time I bred dodos, good thing I play on official, and not on some super-boosted server - otherwise that would have resulted in more problems than just all my dodo females being on an unplanned cooldown. And that's all for today.
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