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  1. In your nitrado app settings under the area for pve is allow flyers carry pve make sure that is checked
  2. So this event is pretty lame we only have a server on ragnarok, and the dodorex and dodowyvern do not spawn on those maps, ive seen zombie wyverns on ragnarok how do I tame them, says when you knock it out can only.be tamed while awake
  3. Loosing trope? So I've tamed up a trope on ragnarok but that dino is supposed to be removed from all maps but the new one, does that mean they just dissapear if you've already tamed it or is it all of the wild ones go away?
  4. Also looking at dododex the piranha and trial byte can only be tamed on aberration I don't need to worry about those do i?
  5. Does everything thats on the island spawn on rag also?
  6. Master zoologist questions My dad and I are trying to.complete the master zoologist achievent where you have to tame 1 of everything, 1 question: is it only the dinos from the map you are on or do.you have to tame everything from every ark we only play on Ragnarok or do we have to go to each ark to accomplish the achievement we're trying to do it without cheating anything in
  7. Trop saddle blueprint? How do I make this? So I found this ascendant trop saddle blueprint how do I even make this thing,? A fabricator only holds 70 things, I need alone 48.32 stacks of metal and 30 stacks of crystals.... AMD tons of hide fiber and polymer
  8. I just found one in the jungle near the blue obelisk, thanks!
  9. Trop on xbox ragnarok? I thought the new dino was released on all platforms I have searched all over the map on ragnarok and cannot find one, did they not get put in yet?
  10. Dinos dissapeared on upload I have a nitrado server, and today we tried to see if we can bring dinos from my single player game to the server, I have the setting to allow uploads, and they show up, but when I go to upload them the just dont appear and disappear from the list how.do i fix this?
  11. I have a server on ragnarok and cannot mount any flyers there either
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