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  1. Defending Valguero's waterfall cave So Im playing on a pvpve unofficial server and just got my dream location, the NW waterfall cave in tundra zone 2 in Val. This place seems like the perfect place for a solo tribe with lots of Dino's and other stuff because it seems like the only way to raid it would be with fliers or swimmers (if the attacking player knows the abyss well enough to find their way in.) My question is is it as safe as it seems? The added damage to cave structures is turned off on this server so it almost seems unraidable being I can't think of any way to bring in bigger Dino'
  2. If you find this.. on any map let me know, I've been looking too. Also I have been thinking of starting my own rp server if I can find a good enough how many do you have in your group? I do have to admit tho I don't have much experience as a admin but do have a few ideas.
  3. Tried that, it keeps moving and flying away when I get close, I can't get it to stop or land with whistle commands I've even tried flying above it and dropping onto it but it always seems to turn after I already jumped. I was trying for hours. I know I could build another one, quite easy using commands (Wich is what I will probably do) just that one I made legit, no commands or creative mode.... I thought I would never say this but I guess my house just ran away lol.
  4. Sooooo... My house flew away. So I spent some time making a flying house in a quetz on solo, I thought it would be a good idea to help explore the map well I set it to roam and went into the house, Idk what happened but I opened a container and glitched out and fell through the floor and my quetz to my death. Now this house I spent hours making is flying around the map somewhere and I haven't been able to catch it. Any suggestions? I'm playing on ps4
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