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  1. I tried to uninstall the entire game and redownload. Settings are still resetting every time the game is closed out. My boyfriend isnt having any of the issues. So its only for the systems that have genesis I think. He doesn't have it on his. So this player here is not playing until the issue with settings are fixed.
  2. Sorry! Forgot to say it was on ps4 in my original post. But yes checked today and it is still resetting everytime I open the game. If it is still doing it for me tomorrow I am going to try to reinstall the entire game. So if that works I will let everyone in here know!
  3. Settings not saving Since the Genesis map downloaded, my general and advanced settings for the game are not saving. Every time I reopen the game I have to redo everything. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. If you are playing on ps4 you have to be in third person to hurt them with fire. I was having the same issue of not being able to hit them. I also agree that it is ridiculous. It took me 10 minutes standing there doing nothing but killing the bugs with fire over and over again without them stopping. Like every time i killed a swarm another one came after me without me even moving. It is entirely unplayable. WC really needs to start fixing the issues on this game. Like I love ark and I will continue to play it. But they really need to take their fan bases opinions into consideration
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