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  1. incorrect, they harvest more.....Just not enough to justify the cost One primitive pick can harvest maybe 100 flint per river rock One ascendent pick can harvest maybe 200 flint per river rock Cost of primitive pick is 1 metal and stuff Cost pf ascendent pick is 100 metal and lots of stuff sadness level of loosing primitive pick is "oh well" sadness level of loosing ascendent pick is "I will never financially recover from this" Now with all of this said, this is for a crafted pick. You can easily get a better pick or other tools from supply drops and alpha creatures, as such, these upgrades are super awesome as its free and provides better harvesting rates at no cost to you if you manage to get lucky. And as for alpha's dropping ascendent grade equipment, I have gotten 500% ascendent crossbows from these kills before. So it it possible. Just gotta have lady luck on your side.
  2. paint the rainbow on it, other than that, its just a horse.......at least with the phoenix on SE, you can melt metal and cook food. =/
  3. Yeah, had a game crash after changing characters on the island, lost said character. Happened during cinematic. Just so everyone knows.
  4. it is if it wasn't for muscle memory. I can type raw on the console keyboard just as fast as I can anything else. But now I gotta remember to forget my brains auto correct =/
  5. yeah, I didn't noticed but a lil here and a lil there, but now its absolutely borked. Even in single player. Yeah, but are you not supposed to communicate with microsodft if any issues crop up? I mean raw doesn't exactly sound like a naughty word, especially in any survival game where raw meat is a thing
  6. Iv got more to add to this, it seems "RAW" is no longer allowed to be searched. Which is a huge issue when it comes to meat runs
  7. keep near the beach, next to the shallowest parts. Leeds are a deep water creature and can't get close to shore
  8. Im gonna throw fuel to the fire......Instead of "join ark" in the main menu, go to "host/local" and play single player.....The whole island, every last inch of it, is all yours.
  9. Fishing = blueprints.....best fishing poles are in alpha mosa, and alpha tuso.....time to build a shark army!
  10. Kinda, but first thing is first, ark 2. While it was suggested that ark 2 was going to be released this year, there has been some seriouse radio silence on that matter. Id suspect it might be very late this year, or pushed back again to next year. Don't worry too much about it. Next, trying to catch wild baryonx. Id strongly suggest using a simple drop trap. This is a single foundation, four doorways for walls, and a single ramp. Could be made of wood if two of you are playing, just make sure to bring enough arrows for both of you to shoot. Id also suggest an extra sleeping bag, and two or three stacks of fish meat since they only eat fish. Find a bary, build box trap away from said bary, add ramp towards bary going up one wall, one runs towards bary and take a shot with bow n tranq arrow, then after hitting him ,run back towards the trap, up the ramp, and out the doorway when he gets to you......Easy clap. However as for admin spawning, Iv noticed problems that can occure there too. Might wanna try trapping, just in case. _-------------------------------------------------- Just noticed the everything after that post, looks like your on track. Good luck out there!
  11. Yeah, sadly those mutations are junk, you need to clean out the old argies and just start with that "perfect pair". The ones with the highest stats of all of them, BUT!!!! only if they do not have any mutations themselves. When going for mutations, you gotta start with 0/20 paternal, and 0/20 maternal. Its easier to track mutations this way. Check "ancestors" at the bottom of the argies inventory page to see if they are clear of mutations. Once done, and everything is good, start breeding, keep an eye out for color changes and level ups that indicate mutations, and consult with the parents to see where the mutation is. DO NOT IMPRINT!!! If you want quick soft mutations, just keep replaceing the parents wiht any mutated children that you want to keep untill they are maxed out and the game will not let you mutate that line anymore. If you want to go with max mutations, only keep mutated males with the mutations your looking for. Only mate them with zero mutation females. Takes longer {weeks, even with super crazy breeding and growth rates} and is very tediouse, but I think you can mutate a dino up to 362 where it can level up to its max of lvl 450 And sadly if you do find a better wild argy, yes. You gotta start from scratch if you want. However how good do you want an argy? I typically kill alpha rex's with a simple imprint of super high level argies, so.....why?
  12. Honestly I think single player settings check box is plenty enough boost to all tames to make things work well, adjusting any of the other settings really does kick everying in the pants. I tried adjusting the health and melee settings for dino's once so I didn't have to mate anything, and well.....a dire wolf with levels could solo the gamma brood mother. x.x Killed the game for me, have never done it again since and highly would not recommend messing with that stuff. As for any true advice on the matter to figure out what is going on. Try to reset everything to default, rebreed and see what the stats are.
  13. Nah, they got an adjustment awhile back. No one ever bothered taming them because of the crappy ownership and buff time. But on SP, their buff is bugged. If I run around with max difficulty checked and SP settings enabled, Im getting the best gear right away. However if I tamed a lipluradon and checked drops with the buff, it goes from the best stuff in the game, to barely better than primitive. Also, it does not seem to improve the odds of getting the extra rare loot. Instead of finding giga saddles, theri saddles, and ascendent riot armor. It stays the same, such as crop plots, compass's, and phioma saddle......Truely taming a lipluradon on SP is a huge waste of time.
  14. prolly getting it, but its lumped with the UE5 upgrade
  15. With rented servers, its a bit difficult as you need a new server for each map. What you might want to do is see if you can get a server cluster going, but you may just want to go from one to another and bring everything with you....Go from the island to scorched earth, to aberation, extinction, gen 1 and finally gen 2 You can bring your characters, you can jump maps, but you must keep the servers online, and I have no clue
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