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  1. I don't know why but on single player I have both, they seem very rare and after I tamed the two otters that spawned no more have shower up. With the beaver dams one spawned outside of my house near the frozen lake when I logged back on. I didn't spawn them in abd I didn't use any mods so idk why they aren't spawning for everyone
  2. @OverLord23 I've only had it happen when they were on my shoulder but I haven't tested if it would happen otherwise
  3. @Pumpkaboii it was a summoned one
  4. Disappearing Ferox Just a heads up I had my ferox on my should when I quit the game and it was just gone when I got back on. I used a pet finder mod, I used ghost to go underground but it was gone *I haven't had any disappear since I posted this, so idk if they fixed this or if my game is just working right now*
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