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  1. And once again. All OC servers are missing.
  2. ^ 5 now
  3. At the moment only 4 OC servers on ps4 are working.
  4. We want an update or notice from the Administrators in the home page, not conveniently ignored or hidden away in some random post where no one will see.
  5. Half if not all the servers‘ dowN, any news on this?
  6. There was an update for the Asian region earlier today, I haven’t had the time to get on yet but I’m guessing they’ve finally released the version update that everyone had 3 days ago for Asian regions.
  7. I finally get an update!!! Hopefully after this update we can get back to our servers.
  8. Well they/someone did do something, merging all the related posts together.
  9. Not just US servers, we can’t log into any other servers except Asia ones.
  10. Yes, I can see all Asia servers but none from NA/EU/OC. I play in an OC server with my friends. That’s aggravating. I hope you have someone in your tribe who can help u cryo the Gigas. It’s been over 30 hours and it’s still not fixed...
  11. ISSUE: NO SERVER FOUND Even after 6hrs of the update, the server I am playing on hasn’t been showing after the update. The only servers I am able to see at the moment are the Asian servers. My maturing dinosaurs including 2 top stat Gigas, 9 top stat Rexes, 3 Spinos and several Lv180+ event wyverns all needs imprinting and food to carry on. I left enough food in the trough for a day, and was informed that servers would be back up in 15-30min. Thus leaving a 4hr imprint window for downloads/updates, which is more than sufficient time to download a 200gb file size with even the most basic fibre connection. After 6 hrs of desperately trying- relogging, reopening, restarting ps4 & modems, redownloading the game two times, googling and reading announcements, I finally found this statement conveniently hidden in a single post in the forum. “As we prepare for launch at 4 PM PST tomorrow, we have some important news for our survivors in the Asian region. Immediately following the Genesis launch, PS4 survivors in our Asian regions will only be able to access PS4 official servers in the Asian region for a short period. We don't expect this exclusion to extend beyond 72 hours, but we will keep you updated with any future developments. You will also not be able to join any un-official servers that have updated to a Genesis build due to the content mismatch and the lack of a region-specific Genesis update.” This is ultimately frustrating, and I hope that Wildcard can put a pause to the cool downs/timers/food requirements for the next few days until the issue has been sorted out. There should have been a notification in game or on the log in page informing players of these sorts of issues. Or at least on the home page of the website. This was weeks worth of hard work, and as a brand new player supporting the full game at this stage, I would have hoped for better support and communication. I do hope wildcard resolves this issue and reimburse/return all lost imprints/potentially dead dinosaurs back at the stats/timers it was before players logged off for the update, and that no one else shares my woe in this unfortunate, yet, with some better notification effort on wildcard’s part, a totally avoidable situation.
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