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  1. At this point,maybe the right call would be just to remove prim......especially if you guys aren't going to fix it
  2. Sad but its a fact,they do not care about us sadly mode is abandoned
  3. Use crops for specific dinos,some are harder yeah,mutton for meat eaters and yuty kibble on golems+griffs,works fine it's just different
  4. Xbox rag 1 has been very active lately,can't speak for crossarks or pve but it would be great if rag 1 xbox got aberration or island
  5. Will primitive plus get this at least? Or do you still hate our community and want ua to disappear
  6. As far as im concerned they have abandoned prim, really wish they would just have the guts to at least say it
  7. Never seen a game developer just outright ignore portions of their community like they do with prim, its disgusting really just let us know and if it is going to be dying issue refunds to the players that only play prim
  8. The future of prim is it doesnt have a future, we dont even get colours or skins anymore on top of the lack of communication from devs
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