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  1. Hello, thank you for the video tutorial. It was a great idea and very helpful. Unfortunately both attacks do not activate the radar, so I guess it just not available on mobile. But thx again for your help
  2. Ok I was able now to harvest berries, but still can’t figure out how to activate the radar function
  3. Hello everyone, I play this game on mobile now and just tamed a parasaur ( I use it with a saddle) . But I can not harvest berries nor can I use the radar. For harvesting berries I use the attack function similar to the trike and for the radar … well there is nothing to activate it ( doesn’t matter if is sit in saddle or not). Anyone know what I doing wrong ? Thank you
  4. I have used this spot for almost 3 years now, but now I get killed by false positive anti-meshing. Its a hideout between 2 rocks and not even a cave ( open sky). X=364226.000 Y=341368.313 Z=1350.093 I play on NA- PVP - primitive plus crossark3 - Ragnarok
  5. This Server is shown as Dead on battle metrics for more than 14 hours now: EU-PVP-Ragnarok-PrimPlusCrossArk1 - (v326.3) Usually its shown as offline and comes back online after 3-4 hours, but now its offline for more than 14 hours, does it means it dead dead? Would be good to know, because i spend a lot of time into my character and just want to know if it will be back online soon or if i should start on another server? In forum there is no announcement about any server outage, which is wired, because this one is offline for a very long time already. Thx and best regards
  6. A month or so ..... uffff. I hope not. I understand, that genesis is the new flack ship of wild card, and one day I will buy and play the new dlc , but why remove primitive ? I will still not buy the new add on. Rather I would pay a monthly membership like the gold membership on mobile. One month without prime is just sad lol
  7. Yes, there are no more primitive servers ? is this a temporary thing ?
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