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  1. Bloody Mary!!! What were the parents? Did one have a black base and get the red mutation and then the gold? That color combo is awesome! Mine now pale in comparison to this! I would trade my blue/purple/turquoise rexs for this color combo any day.
  2. This is still my fav ive seen posted. I plan to start breeding Argies soon and only hope to get something like this. Im just about done breeding Allos. I actually bred more Allos than anything to date and had fewer color mutations than I had with Rex's and raptors.
  3. The level of detail in these pics is incredible. Is it safe to assume you play PC?
  4. Im not a fan of the neon colors either for the most part which is why I premised mine with saying they were unique but not best. I also prefer darker colors and hope to get more slate or black colored allo's. My fav is still the Red and grey allow of all the ones I have hatched so far. I am working on Allos again with hopes of getting some cool mutations.
  5. Best? Idk... but def unique! This one has many of the babies I have hatched with various colors and color mutations.
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