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  1. Bloody Mary!!! What were the parents? Did one have a black base and get the red mutation and then the gold? That color combo is awesome! Mine now pale in comparison to this! I would trade my blue/purple/turquoise rexs for this color combo any day.
  2. Yes ultimately you have to knock out 100's of dinos to find ones with the preferred stats. However, yes the baby can if it gets a stat mutation in the desired stat but those are very rare. I have hatched prob close to 300 eggs now between Rexs, Allos, and Raptors and have only had maybe four to five stat mutations?? I have had far more color ones though. So your only surefire way of getting better stats is to keep breeding babies with other dinos with better stats. I started my Allo's with 10 initial breeders (7 females and 3 males). All were prefect tames at 179. After hatching probably 75-100 eggs I was hatching lv 234 babies. So my babies had grown 55 levels by min maxing parents who started with diff base states and getting offspring who gained the best of those stats.
  3. This is still my fav ive seen posted. I plan to start breeding Argies soon and only hope to get something like this. Im just about done breeding Allos. I actually bred more Allos than anything to date and had fewer color mutations than I had with Rex's and raptors.
  4. The level of detail in these pics is incredible. Is it safe to assume you play PC?
  5. Im not a fan of the neon colors either for the most part which is why I premised mine with saying they were unique but not best. I also prefer darker colors and hope to get more slate or black colored allo's. My fav is still the Red and grey allow of all the ones I have hatched so far. I am working on Allos again with hopes of getting some cool mutations.
  6. Best? Idk... but def unique! This one has many of the babies I have hatched with various colors and color mutations.
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