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  1. Structure limit! I have a nitrado server on PS4 and have an amazing build half done. I changed the structure limit in the general settings but it still stopped me at the standard setting. I went back to my settings and it says 15,000 like I had changed it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. I cant find any setting to allow flying!
  3. Thinks I dont have the DLC I go to enter any server and it tells me to go to the store as I dont have the DLC then it goes to the store and of course I have the DLC already. Should I delete ark and reinstall?
  4. Fireman76

    PS4 issues

    PS4 issues I try to go into my server and it finds the server but as soon as I go into it, it says DLC not installed.
  5. PS4 says DLC not installed but it is! I just installed the genesis update and I can find my server but if I go to join any servers it says DLC not installed but I pre-purchased it.
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