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  1. Wouldn't it take radiation damage and die?
  2. Tamed a bunch of procomptodons. I had forgotten how good of a mount they can be.
  3. I'm going to post what I did yesterday. Yesterday, I found and killed an alpha leeds. Been playing ark for two years and I've never even seen one. I'm on a story mode run thru the canon maps and I needed it to do the alpha tek cave. My tribe mate was trying to breed up a basi male for himself so we could run caves together and I took my female basi out and did a quick spin around herbie island where my water stuff is. Found it almost immediately. Dumb luck is still lucky. Yesterday I also test ran the beta dragon and didn't get the element or trophy because a deino killed it. So I went back for another round and won again, got what I needed, but lost a yuty and it's asc saddle and two rexes, only got one of their saddles back. My rex saddles are from a BP I got in the easier water cave, asc 265 armor. 14k fiber, 27k hide, 3.6k metal. My rexes are 296 base with 10/10 melee and health mutations. I lose one or two when I fight the alpha broodmother and beta dragon, so I'm not looking forward to the alpha. I take 4 260ish deinons in as well and they put in most of the work. Probably going to double that for the alpha Dragon fight.
  4. Turn off tool tips and the cryo crash will stop.
  5. That's why it's so important to breed dinos. We've all been there.
  6. Spotted a 150 griffin. Built a fatdog trap and got him. Pelted him with arrows and nearly killed him, had to whip up a sleeping bag and dump my gear and let him eat me. I had brought an ovis in a cryopod, so got a perfect tame. 224 Griffin FTW, time to get him back to the base and feed him some baby allos. Leveled a bunch into melee so I could one hit the baby allos. Happened to notice my argys were just breeding away and their eggs hatch at room temp. Cool, more free XP. Nope. Unclaimed 200+ lvl argys swarmed and killed my perfect griffin. I felt like such a tool. But then, later.... My tribemate and I went to the plain on the edge of the trench to start drawing out the wyverns. I've got a gun emplacement set up facing the trap so we can kill them off before egg collecting. Got nekkid and hopped on my good ptera and went to it while my tribemate manned the turrets. I'd agro something and head back and he would watch thru a spyglass and tell me what was about to kill me. Got a 180 lightning egg almost immediately, got my ptera killed, went back and hatched up another, leveled him up, went back and found ANOTHER 180 lightning egg. So I'm flapping balls back to the trap hollering at my partner "what's following me?!?!" It's a lvl whatever poison "Male or female??" Female! "Turn off the guns, turn off the guns!!" We got the milk, and raised the 180s and life is gooooood 😁 I'm using halfslabbacons hatch and raise settings since my buddy and I are grown men with wives and jobs, so 5 milk got two raised and imprinted no prob. Like ark do, the day had some low lows and sky high peaks.
  7. Well yesterday I tamed my first Archaeopteryx, on the anniversary of the day the species was discovered in 1861. In the desert/ mountain cliffs of southern Rag, it's kinda cool to just ride the allo off the cliff and dismount and float down to him. Before that I tamed a nasty allo pack, 135/145/150 (!!!!), and bred up a tamed 150/224 I already had to a 37 so I could figure out his stats, tribemate had started leveling him. Got the best stats from all four good allos bred into a nearly solid black 253, and started collecting eggs, these are going to be boss fighters when I get some more health and damage on them. Went to the desert (base in in the big cave in the highlands) and caught a doed and anky. It was a good day.
  8. Went ptera hunting in the highlands, caught 4 nice ones and almost have a matched pair bred up, 250ish before mutations.
  9. I started a new server on rag with a buddy. We played a bunch on official valg yesterday and it was generally awful (I'm spoiled by boosted rates) so I ponied up the 14 bucks. We got some horses, and bred some horses, and now have a ton of horses. I'm pretty sure there's something to the unicorn passive ability, got twins the first time we tried with the unicorn next to the breeders, and then got two mutations in the first three tries after that.
  10. Megalania spawn in the cave on carno island, there's always at least one in there. Take a good terror bird as your mount, and a LOT of narcotics, they lose torpor like gigas. Extraordinary kibble. The lava cave is cake if you bring in some stone foundations and ceilings to bridge the lava and standing torches to make the way.
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