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  1. This would be cool, but I think this suggestion for its abilities or at least some of it: I like what this guy posted: "TheEmeraldDodo ARK TRADER RATING 0 0 0 TOTAL RATING N/A Early Birds 3 Posted 20 hours ago My tribe and I are very into avatar, so I was wondering what looks like an Ikran/Banshee from the movie. There is nothing like it, I just thought of this while raising my reaper, so I don't have any dossier or anything, but I have ideas. Taming: You have to search for a mountain they are inhabiting and go on foot, then you have to prove your worth by either falling from a height or fight it hand to claw, the creature will target you, this is indicated by a red line connecting both of you. Once you tame it you can ride it without a saddle, but you want to make a saddle. Riding with no saddle: This will be like flying a fast Pteranodon, like really fast. Nothing special. Riding with saddle: This is where the specialties come in, with the saddle you can dive and swoop. With the saddle you will be more mobile than anything else in the game, you will be able to outrun anything in the game. Breeding and Raising: They will not be able to breed because they are supposed to be special and one at a time tames. Tamed Abilities: Like said in the riding section you will be super agile with a saddle but not that special without the saddle. Another ability it has is a roar that increases speed, this can only be used with a pack of them, with the roar it also makes others of this creature friendly to you and help you attack creatures, when this runs out you better fly fast. Wild Abilities: These creatures will make the sky dangerous, the sky in Ark has always been passive and never really dangerous. These will try to swoop down and pluck you from you mount and with target the player rather than the mount, but only if you are in their territory, once out of their territory they will be neutral and not attack you unless there. Eggs: When you are in their territory they will have nests, the eggs in these are very nutritious and can hatch baby versions of these creatures that can be used as sentries to protect your base but be careful because as you get closer to the nest more will be aggressive. Sentry Mode: When you take an egg and successfully make it to base you can hatch it, when hatched they will need to grow like any other tame, then when they are fully grown, they will act as guards for their assigned area. You can set a location for them to patrol or protect and they will attack any creature in that area." So here is my addition to Emeralds: I suggest a roar probably wouldn't work. Since it has a very long beak. So maybe a very high piercing screech which the big banshee does. Though this could make deafness for a certain amount of time. The Wild abilities he suggests might just be like the Shadowmane but in air. If you are spotted by them, they attack fiercely. But will attack anything in site. Mind you it would also work with both suggestions too. Though I think I would also like to suggest that since they have such long beaks that it would be useful to able to use them in the water somehow. Like maybe able to dive in deep waters for a certain amount of time. But would also be able to grab small water creatures. I think it might make hunting them more fun if there are certain kinds in certain areas but means you wouldn't be able to color them. Like Ice would be white and only found in the snow area but they are weak to fire. There is the fire(red) one which is found in or near Lava, but they are weak to snow but also means they can't dive in water, but they can dive in Lava. {which means you can make it grab your items in the lava or carry a small creature through it to kill it.} Then the black ones that spawn in caves which is very rare because they are immune to both elements and have the power of shadow. {which basically anywhere it is really dark you cannot be seen while riding it. They can see in the dark, so it kind of can do what an owl can do} Also riding the element gives you instant immune to that element. Also thinking on this I would suggest that you can get their eggs but not raise one but able to get special random items from it. {like rare items- Black pearls, white pearls, electronics, element dust, gems and maybe occasionally a rare recipe. To maybe make it more interesting hunting these eggs. You would have to dig for them in their elements. Once the egg is out it attracts anything around it. Making everything attacking its holder. But if you are riding the black one it can silence the egg. I know it does seem a lot for the Devs to do. But you got to admit it would make the game a lot more interesting. I would also like to point out that their name means cold dragon. en.m.wikipedia.org If not all of it at least make it the frozen one then at least. I think it would also benefit all players. But if this wins and the devs only do one or some of these ideas. I figured out another good use for this flying lizard or bird. I've remembered when I was in school learning about a bird that would carry their eggs or hatchlings in their beaks. So my idea also goes with it's name. Maybe we can have a special holding for cryopods in their mouths where it keeps them frozen. They could be like a moving, living mini fridge. Maybe could even work for other things that decay. (These are not my drawings or pictures. Linked them from the websites. Thanks for reading my whole spill. I truly hope it gets a lot of votes. I know some of you probably don't want another flyer. But these two are right there needs to be more danger in the skies. And truly want something that we can really truly get something out of for all of us. Though it truly depends on the devs. Yes, we need a new water animal but not much else can make the waters better. We already have the biggest water animal. Plus, the waters are already dangerous enough. The caves seem boring even though most have artifacts. Hoping a lot that the devs can put my egg idea into this which would bring a whole new experience to the game. And we also get another better but dangerous way on getting the rare items. And then to able to carry all your perishables with you would also be Grande.
  2. First off cool art. Love the Griffin and Mana. To bad we can't get a skin like the Griffin. Second cool you helping the children. Third totally exited for Fear Evolved. Hopefully we can get more ghost costumes. Hopefully you given us some new content for this one. I know it's probably to late for this one. But I would like to make a couple suggestions or rather ideas. Technically on side note always adding new stuff for the holiday events kept me interested in this game. Anyways, we don't have much costumes for our dinos. But yet you have a costume slot for every dino. 😢 I've been looking at some of the mods out there. Came upon a cool looking cat. It's called the Mischief Cat. That would be cool to get for like a one time fear evolved kinda deal. Though you shouldn't change it. The modder did a perrfect job. Fourth just want to say thanks for bringing us events and giving us new content even though you will be bringing out a new Ark. So worried when you said will no longer be working on more for Ark Evolved.
  3. Cool love that there gonna be another chance for voting even though what is needed I'm sure won't count again. I agree with Raasclark though. You all should make it where you can't see who votes or see the vote pull. You can show the numbers at the end. Hopefully it's not just for real dinos this time. Also would be cool for something on all maps.
  4. Bummer for another Monkey. Kinda expected they wouldn't let a creature use our weapons. Due to the fact that it would've made it the stongest tame. Kinda also bummer that it uses two abilities creatures already have. Though I also think it kinda cool to disable tek, even though I don't play pvp. Thanks wildcard for leaving us PVE players out of the loop again. We do pay for your games as well. The only way this thing would pay up for a pve player. Is if the troop thing was like a temporary pack summon by it's howl ,since bamboons don't Roar. To bad you all didn't see potential out of the Yi Gi bird thing. Granted it might have been another shoulder pet but at least it might have had it's own built in bug repellent. That would have been so useful for all maps. No more we would be getting attacks from stupid titan ant things. Also even though they might not have added it. Would've been nice to get a helpful hand on loot or the drops. Me personally think that if they just gave us a boost for loot that would be ausome. For the pvp maybe it could have stolen loot from enemy flyers. Yes i know the pego has the thief ability but it don't work i bet while flying is involved. Also I am a sucker for glowing things. So in a file I read they(archeologists) believed it might have had a glowing effect on it's tail feathers to trick the bugs they ate. The other I liked is the big cat/dog looking thing. Even though we have like 4 different cats already now. Kinda also liked the buffalo dino. Would have been awesome to have used it as charging battering Ram. And to get a herb animal that should able to do a bleeding effect. And to put my own take on it. Wildcard could have made it like the whale where you could gather meat from it. Since the buffalo today is basically for meat purpose . I personally think we have enough meat eaters. The meaters outway the herbivores and both outway the omnivores. I think we need something more than just teeth and power. I feel we need more abilities . Something that will let us survive more better than what we have been. And please please remember the pve'ers. I hope you don't end up like Blizzard. Where eventually they only cared about the pvp'ers. To me it seems like this game all started for surving the worst nature man can imagine. Not what man is better than the other man. We are called survivors not military. By the way Love all the fan art.
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