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  1. Thank you everyone this really helped.
  2. Crystals and gigas I need to find crystals so I can build a greenhouse for a kibble farm. I've taken all the crystals from the ice cave in ragnarok and can't find any more. Also I want to tame a giga, (that's why I want the kibble) is a Griffin the best way to tame one or shall I make a trap?
  3. Thanks, I will try darts and the going out of render thing @GrumpyBear said.
  4. Taming a Doed I have built a small trap by my base with a Doedicurus I put in it. I keep tranqing it again and again but it keeps on curling up and won't be knocked out. Are arrows fine or shall I do darts?
  5. Try and fight alphas, a rex with good health and attack can take down an alpha Carno or lead an alpha raptor into a cage (level 12) and kill it from there.
  6. Spino or Rex I've been playing ark for a while now and I'm level 70. I'm not sure what to go for Spino or Rex?. I've heard spino has better health and stam but rex is easier to tame.
  7. Best wood gatherer What is the best wood gathering dino? For me the top three are the Therizeno, beaver and the trike but while it's charging - you can get 100s of wood with a few trees
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