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  1. Foundation support OFF *laughs in dedicated server modded*
  2. i like to use most of them in vivariums (S+) to have them generate poop and resources
  3. Hi, I'm not a real expert on local games as i administer a rather large cluster, but the basics should be the same essentially... The things that make up your character and "belongings" are the savefiles. If you for example re-installed ark, or wiped your drive or did some other change to your mashine, the save folders will ofc also be wiped. the files you are looking for in your backups (yo do those of course right? ), would be: 1st off your GUS (GameUserSettings.ini) and game.ini files (usually located in gamelocation\Shootergame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer) the
  4. I believe the best way to experience the whole galore would be a good cluster, that features all the official maps (and some more?) Depending on your geographical location (ping is a thing) i could *slime* propose our PvE cluster that is hosted in Düsseldorf/Germany. We have alot of players from the Netherlands, also quite a few Scandinavian abd French, and ofc Germans. Hop in, have a look, see how our settings/rates/mods feel for you. [EU] Nworlds XPx30 Tx30 Hx10 PVE S+ Cluster Our Discord
  5. you won't believe this, but if i upload the file with dreamveaver it fails, if i just FTP it, it works !?! Thanks for giving me that hint!
  6. but i think you are on to something if i add a blank line it again ignores the list, so maybe i should look into my upload method?
  7. Digging up the dead, but... I found out that my banlist.txt that is hosted on a web server only works with a single entry in it. As soon as i add a second line, it is ignored. the file consists only of the steam ID's, one in every line, in form of: 7656119839854xxxx 7656119881102xxxx 7656119886276xxxx 7656119904259xxxx 7656119831858xxxx 7656119886341xxxx 7656119804535xxxx 7656119807052xxxx 7656119796052xxxx 7656119899753xxxx so in theory it should work, but id doesn't If i leave a single ID in there it works perfectly. Has somethin
  8. Awesome tool! you are the best! Still one thing i can't figure out tho, in the mapping section, there's the Violet exchange mapping option, is this what i suspect it is? (live data from my dedicated server)? And if so, how do i make this work? And if not, that would be a crazy addition, right? As i'm running quite a popular cluster with 15 maps on a dedicated mashine, it would be extremely helpfull to have live data (downloading the save files for each map is kinda skow and tiresome). Either way, keep the good work up, awesome stuff there!
  9. So you spent the last 3 months breeding a crazy mantis for farming? Oh well, too bad. Go buy our new Genesis 2 expansion pack and use our crazy slow huge lagspiking stryders. But don't forget to grind all missions first ok?
  10. Wildcard, masters of stealth nerfs!
  11. that might have to do with auto backup, if the server is allready running on it's edge performance wise, it could very well be that the little bit extra for backing up server files gives it the rest... Then again, we are not talking about my cluster, i do not know what configuration WC are using... I like to keep my server in a position it can still breathe
  12. Still, the number of dinos alone would not freeze the servers, without what i like to call a "Breeding Explosion". At a rate of 4x this is very unlikely to happen though. It would take some coincidence of a large amount of dinos being left on breeding at ideal temperatures or air conditioning/incubators, to result in all eggs hatching, and even then, offspring would not survive long enough to start breeding themselves. Those "Breeding Explosions" used to happen on boosted servers when events with breeding multipliers still affected unofficials resulting in absurd 40x or more...
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