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  1. Broken DLC that breaks the few intact things, then patches over patches to fix the broken DLC, breaking even more stuff, just to realise that the DLC itself deflates like a punctured baloon after the initial hype is over, because it's a pure mission grindfest with very little actual content. Does this little fictional story of mine sound familiar in any way?
  2. On PC it's back to 1949.5/3003 max (no mention in the patchnotes ofc)
  4. Ok, so WC decided to Ninja-Unnerf the armor (at least on unofficials as it seems)...
  5. Either way, still Wildcard's fault (by definition)
  6. Oh dear, you're SO wiped now that u posted here!
  7. It takes time to break things, be patient!
  8. I have a feeling you play a different game my friend, as explained in detail in prior posts it so very much depends on the server settings how armor behaves, and for me it was just fine and you were in no way immortal in a maxxed tek suit!
  9. That is not the way i see it, At the point WC gives us the tools to configure our own servers with the settings we see fit for our community, we are entitled to keep those settings as we see fit and not being overruled by "fixes" that don't even address a problem on our servers but only theirs.
  10. I think you mistake me for someone who rents a nitrado server, sorry to disapoint you there my friend, i use a dedicated windows server and i have done all the setup work on my own, so yes, it is MY server! And yes, they can change whatever they want on "their" game, but end of the day myself and everyone playing on MY server have paid for the game and all the DLC's so it's not irrational IMHO to have demands about the way i am beeing treated!
  11. I am not talking about official grindfest servers, i'm talking about my OWN server where the notorious "fix" made tek repairs not 20% more expensive, it made it 20x more expensive while cutting durability in half! I didnt ask for that change on MY server, i dont have dupers and cheaters on MY server, Grindfest servers have vaults over vaults of duped stuff AGAIN after just a few hours from the "intervention" and MY server is still broken from it! As a conclusion, the point is, i dont mind Wildcard doing whatever they think is right for their grindfest servers, i couldnt care less to be honest. I would NEVER even dream of playing on those completely broken cheater infested monstrocities. What i absolutely DO MIND, is that their effective or not so effective changes apply to PRIVATE UNOFFICIAL servers/clusters that don't even have the problems those so called fixxes are intended to fix...
  12. Helped for a day on officials and screw over all unofficials ...way to go WC ! On our cluster we have no problems with dupers and exploiters, if someone comes to our attention doing "bad things" he gets a fair warning and if he doesnt comply he's gone, simple. Still we got hit hard by the STUPID and useless nerf that was meant for official PvP servers in the first place, but hardcoded to screw up everyone... What can i say...WAY TO GO ! It has cost me a full day of tweaking the Super Tek mod settings to get a halfway balanced replacement for the ruined high durability (and most importantly reasonably repairable) tek armor. Still not happy with the result but better than the wet horsepoo WC presented us with!
  13. Ok, just had to repair my awesome 1500 dura armor and what a nice surprise...the repair costs are FREAKING ASTRONOMICAL ! SERIOUSLY, DO WHAT YOU WANT ON YOUR STUPID OFFICIAL SERVERS BUT LEAVE US ALONE WITH THAT CRAP!
  14. That's the exacto point of this post! Admins cant change it because those fcktrds think they have to hardcode every brainfart they come up with
  15. How long armor lasts very much depends on the server settings and how much damage dinos do. If settings are relatively high, armor goes in a jiffy. That's why those nerfs shouldnt be hardcoded.
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