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  1. [EU] Nworlds XPx30 Tx30 Hx10 PVE S+ Cluster Welcome Survivors! We are a friendly community and we are here to stay! As the name probably reveals we have quite the boosted stats. Ark is a difficult game and we like to keep it that way, only this time without the endless grinding. Our cluster has been up for around 4 months now and in these 4 months we're very proud of the strong and friendly community we've build with active and friendly admins (well, most of the time :D). We host all our servers at a Datacenter with Dedicated Windows Servers from HP, located in Düsseldorf/Germany. Therefore most of the players from our community are from Germany and the Netherlands. We have one of the best preformances due to low latency and high speed internetconnection with Dedicated Lines. This means your Lag ratings will be minimum. We host our own Teamspeak server and we have a very lively and active Discord community. (join today!) https://discord.gg/wJ9UNrg Besides the official maps, you will find some selected modded maps on our cluster, making a total of 11 maps. The in-game menu will guide you through your very first steps to get used to our set of rules and code of conduct. You can also find information and links to our discord channel and teamspeak servers. This is also the place where you can find information about ongoing and planned events/quests. Our settings: All ascentions are possible on our cluster so the maximum level a player can reach is level 155. Max level Wild Dino: 180* * (more about that in game) - Tribe Tame Limit: 400 with a maximum of 4000 tames on each map - 30x Taming Speed - 30x XP - 10x Harvesting Other settings: Flyers in Caves are enabled Aberration: Flyers are Enabled Genesis: Building is disabled at Mission Areas and Flyer/Tek Suit powers are Enabled. Cross Cluster Chat -- As a sidenote: There are certain custom map spawns with DLC Dinos, so players that have no access to DLC's which requires payment can tame and use all dinos. Mods: (Changed some engram unlock related stuff to balance the game and smoothen travel between maps) 1 Structures Plus (Open Source) 2 Ultra StacksMod 3 The Tombstone (Inventory recovery after death) 4 Tek HelperMod 5 Egg N Poop Collector / IncubatorMod 6 DinoTracker Mod 7 Chitin Farmer 8 WNRQ Kibble (craft New and Old)Mod 9 Awesome SpyGlass!Mod 10 eco's Garden DecorMod 11 ecoTreesMod 12 Human NPCsMod 13 Editable Server UI (WBUI) 14 MarniiMods: Wildlife 15 Best Eggs! 16 Super Tek * ----------------------------------------- * Read News section in game! You can find our server at Steam Server Browser and look for: nworlds. You can also look us up on Battlemetrics (works better) Nworlds Cluster on Battlemetrics We welcome you to join us today! Best Regards, Your (mostly) friendly Admin Team
  2. Low quality as in "missing alltogether" HAHA i love those guys:D
  3. that might have to do with auto backup, if the server is allready running on it's edge performance wise, it could very well be that the little bit extra for backing up server files gives it the rest... Then again, we are not talking about my cluster, i do not know what configuration WC are using... I like to keep my server in a position it can still breathe
  4. Still, the number of dinos alone would not freeze the servers, without what i like to call a "Breeding Explosion". At a rate of 4x this is very unlikely to happen though. It would take some coincidence of a large amount of dinos being left on breeding at ideal temperatures or air conditioning/incubators, to result in all eggs hatching, and even then, offspring would not survive long enough to start breeding themselves. Those "Breeding Explosions" used to happen on boosted servers when events with breeding multipliers still affected unofficials resulting in absurd 40x or more... I would dare to theorize, that WC has just been cramping way too many maps/servers on each (virtual) machine, strangulating CPU/RAM ending up compromising the stability of the physical server itself.
  5. Just when i thought they finally got the message.... TEK Suits ninjanerfed AGAIN... DILO people? why cant u just leave Unofficials the Triceratops (not Raptor) alone?
  6. sadly it reverts to lvl 30 after a while despite the correct settings beeing set through ASM in the GUS.ini That beeing (under [Server Settings] ) : OverrideOfficialDifficulty=6.000000 DifficultyOffset=1.000000 for max lvl 180
  7. Oh boy, you are in for a breeding explosion! Either way, my best bet would be usig a nanny...
  8. Broken DLC that breaks the few intact things, then patches over patches to fix the broken DLC, breaking even more stuff, just to realise that the DLC itself deflates like a punctured baloon after the initial hype is over, because it's a pure mission grindfest with very little actual content. Does this little fictional story of mine sound familiar in any way?
  9. On PC it's back to 1949.5/3003 max (no mention in the patchnotes ofc)
  11. Ok, so WC decided to Ninja-Unnerf the armor (at least on unofficials as it seems)...
  12. Either way, still Wildcard's fault (by definition)
  13. Oh dear, you're SO wiped now that u posted here!
  14. It takes time to break things, be patient!
  15. I have a feeling you play a different game my friend, as explained in detail in prior posts it so very much depends on the server settings how armor behaves, and for me it was just fine and you were in no way immortal in a maxxed tek suit!
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