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  1. No sunlight for crop plots in...THE DESERT So, In the southwest part of the desert in Crystal Isles, every single crop plot, anywhere for miles will say it needs to be in a sun lit position...when it's surrounded by nothing. Kind of hilarious actually, but I wish to start my greenhouse
  2. Can't place crop plots anywhere in Desert Biome Hey, all sizes of crop plots are saying "requires sunlit position". My base is at 85 32, however this seems to be a problem for most of the desert biome. Went across west to the white shores and it worked perfectly fine. Help! Want to make my greenhouse!
  3. Yea, I understand that. But man all the element and mats for it? Damn
  4. Tek Day 2 on Crystal Isles Kudos if it was done legit, but I don't see how on day two (i'm a little late posting), a tribe already has tek turrets and skiffs. Everyone having 240 wyverns day 1 was...interesting. But man the both together kinda stinks. Rip bobs
  5. Cryropod Nerf duration Hello all, I'm trying to use the new cryropod nerfs on my server, however i'm having issues. neither EnableCryopodNerf, CryopodNerfDuration seem to be working in the game.ini file. Anyone know how to properly add this in? Thanks!
  6. Nice full pass on loot crates Got an ascendant pike, mindwipe, beer barrel and a zipline motor. ...well that was a waste of 35k hexagons. Thanks for the full pass on loot crates i guess.
  7. I tested it, fed dinos to one and it upped the efficiency. Damn son...
  8. All bloodstalkers only tame at 57.1 efficiency after the patch So, was excited to find a 150 today, noticed it was going to take way more bloodpacks. Ended up taking 742 packs, however only tamed at 57.1%. 42 levels. Noticed this with the other stalkers around in the same area. Is this a bug or is there something new that affect's their taming efficiency?
  9. Yea its private, I like to keep it close to official but not too long.
  10. a 135 i just tried taming on 1.3 multiplier just took 100 packs for 10%, so it wanted a thousand. I haven't dino wiped on my server since day 1. Could old bloodstalkers be on old taming rates?
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