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  1. I tested it, fed dinos to one and it upped the efficiency. Damn son...
  2. All bloodstalkers only tame at 57.1 efficiency after the patch So, was excited to find a 150 today, noticed it was going to take way more bloodpacks. Ended up taking 742 packs, however only tamed at 57.1%. 42 levels. Noticed this with the other stalkers around in the same area. Is this a bug or is there something new that affect's their taming efficiency?
  3. Yea its private, I like to keep it close to official but not too long.
  4. a 135 i just tried taming on 1.3 multiplier just took 100 packs for 10%, so it wanted a thousand. I haven't dino wiped on my server since day 1. Could old bloodstalkers be on old taming rates?
  5. My servers xp was set to 1.5. I'm turning it back down to 1 since I don't want this to be too easy. 2 times by myself, (getting first place) gave me 9 levels
  6. Repeating low missions for xp Just stood here by myself and did the lowest manta race twice, and got up to level 21. You mean I can do this till 100?
  7. Can anyone confirm this? Can I set my server to genesis yet or do i need to wait for steam to update?
  8. PC Genesis Small Tribes Relaxed PVP Tame 1.3 Mature 5 Hello! My names Chris, I've had a private Ark server for about a year, however come genesis I've decided to take my password off and open it up to whoever wants to join in! Mainly it's a little easier than official, but not too easy. Relaxed PVP, so have fun but don't really grief people. I've set up a Facebook group for it, if you guys feel like joining. And if really asked i'll make a discord. Facebook group: For Science - ARK server PC Name: For ScienceMap: GenesisNo PasswordNo DownloadsNo Mods (As of now) Rules Relaxed PVP (No griefing, base wiping, ect) Settings Difficulty: 5 XP: 3 Harvest:2 Max Tribe Size: 6 No Gamma Dinos Taming: 2 Consumption: 1 Egg Hatch: 8 Mature Rate: 8 Cuddle Interval: 3 hours Mating: .7
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