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  1. 2 updates and still the mindwipe bug is not fixed god I just love wasting resources on this I mean 12k days what am I meant to do with that it cant be that hard to sort it out seriously.
  2. 3x what was the point So hear me out 3x is epic life was great during it but 2 days seriously what was the point. I am now left with an anky 75% matured and 50% imprinted their is no hope. I just cant understand why they would make it so short it ruins it, you cant be expected to get anything major done during that time and it even started on a Sunday that's basically one of our days for a traditional 2x yet they robbed it for 3x so if you think about it really we only had one day of 3x the way i see it. Utter waste why cant they just make 2x the official rates, sigh back to Bob life.
  3. made two mindwipes and both bugged with 12k days needs fixing fast annoying as hell
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