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  1. It always laggy these days cause of server save and the Chinese who play a lot on pve servers and mass breed dinos if they remove 2x they would get a lot of hate and lose play time for the ones that play weekends like me btw what console and server u play on
  2. Submit a ticket ask to buy off someone
  3. Could be a bug not sure try look at patch notes
  4. Make on other server then carry over or make at rep or buy of Hilena
  5. But a ticket in check ark battle metrics on server list
  6. Well we can start a tribe on ragnarok center or any dlc I like ragnarok tho I do have some rexs
  7. If u play official pc what server u play I will give u a rex
  8. If u can’t kill it try moving it a.way from your base or ask for help in global chat
  9. How do I join trade forum I dont know how to leave early birds to join trade forum
  10. You should try to take some foundations walls and some thing to build a small base bring a Petra to get egg high lv in crypto if u can when u travel server u have to wait 10 mins to take things in your inventory
  11. When is next maturation event ? When is the next maturation event because I have 2 snow owl 2 therys 2 deinyochus 3 rexs 2 thyla 2 argy 1 yuty this is gonna take some time any one know next maturation event
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