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  1. Hello Development Team, Is it possible to develop an app to notify us of news and updates in Ark? This way players will know schedules of boosted rates, special events, new content, changes, and when servers will be down for maintenance. Maybe players can even set alerts to notify them when their bases are being raided, and filter all red and purple messages from tribe log.
  2. Hello friend, Your name looks familiar. If you still play on Cross Ark 8, I think the alphas my server might be able to help you.
  3. Hola Ketch017, Buen video de youtube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCmZ3ll9L2_ago6nCtKIliKQ Ten mas cuidado la proxima vez amigo https://ibb.co/ykTMqbt https://ibb.co/qR8QSnL
  4. @Qwertymine Yeah I was already outraged because I spent so much time looking for the perfect mosa and squid, then found out it affects all water tames. Newer players only have a chance to catch up if they purchase Genesis and do quests there. Otherwise, we're just stuck with what we got. I do like your idea about making water dinosaurs have increased movement speed in the wild. It would really spice things up a bit.
  5. Would it be too much trouble to hire GM's for each cluster on Official Servers? Cheaters are constantly finding exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Instead of doing unplanned rollbacks every time there's another exploit, why not hire GM's to manage all the official servers and monitor the game while staying invisible? Perhaps give us an option to use In-game chat and notify GM's of places where players can get stuck in holes or mesh spots. Prevent issues from getting worse instead of rushing hastily to fix them after the damage has already been done. If you have
  6. A search and filter option would be nice. It just bothers me that they have nothing to organize the log. At least let us sort messages into tabs and specific colors so we can keep the important ones.
  7. Wild dinos that randomly put points into movement speed are all wasted because it does nothing for it at all. A level 5 Rex and a level 100 Rex will have the same stat in movement speed, even if all points go into it. These rates are even worse for sea tames such as a Tuso, Mosa, or Basilo because points are still being distributes in both oxygen and movement speed, when they don’t even use oxygen. I’ve tested the rates in single player with official settings and spawned in 30 Mosas at level 150. Only one of them had a low wasted stat distribution in oxygen and movement speed.
  8. Our tribe is constantly having problems with our underwater cave bases because other players are able to: 1. Peak inside certain corners and view everything we have 2. Grab our dinos with their squids through the walls and ceilings 3. Soak up all our turrets through the mesh without taking any damage. We didn’t expect to run into these problems on official pvp servers. We’re not even asking for a complete wipe or server rollback. Please continue to fix more meshing exploits, and ban tribes and players for cheating.
  9. Thanks for clarifying this, I thought I did my math wrong when I saw the imprint was only 4%. So if it is indeed 4.35%, then it is possible to make it to 100%. Total maturation takes approximately 185 hours and 11 minutes, which means you’ll have 23 total imprints all together. I would just cryo it everytime it asks for a walk.
  10. I don't know if this will change anything. In the current META, nobody would really care about this.
  11. MMOByte Receives Backlash From Community The MMObyte Youtube Channel received numerous comments and huge backlash after ByteStyx posted on the Vindictus Forums. You can see the discussion for yourself here: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/14481/vindictus-2018-impressions-review/p1 Please do not support their channel, their true colors have shown and it's obvious that these fools do as little as possible to make their videos.
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