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  1. (Ark mobile server) Ellierose_pvp server hey if anyone is looking for a good server to join come and join Ellierose server. its a super fun server with many events. some events included admins making raidable bases that anyone can raid for amazing loot that even include beginners raidable bases that all starters can raid. There is also a mini PUBG event, boxing events, 2v2 in the coolest arenas events, Dino fight events and many more. There is also a starter kit that includes a good argy, flak set, tools and you automatically become level 20. you also will never worry about large tribes raiding you because they won't to be allowed to raid any starters. If your interested (come and join us at Ellierose_PvP server.), ark mobile. server Discord: https://discord.gg/FPWWTK
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