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  1. Ark fix your game Can you please fix how glitchy your game isspecially ragnarok, lost way to many dinos and gear because of it.. If you want examples im starting to save alot of clips, even ones where i tele through amountain while on bird, bird will stay there while i tele to diff area lmao
  2. Can we please get more Servers for small tribes Hi is there a chance we can get more OC servers and some for small tribes. Would be good to get just a couple more small tribe servers for each region to for some maps atleast. Thanks
  3. Yeh so true in ways But itd take a good week or weeks to beable to take an alpha on, they really should be more worried about spawn ins instead of the local parasaur or argy
  4. Let's all have fun enough of this over toxicity Don't know why people say solo is hard on small tribes when it's no where near as hard on normal pvp server, it is legit impossible to progress with alot of OP and toxic tribes to compete with. And nearly as hard to find a decent tribe to join without getting insided.. we all spend massive hours on this game and starting off is hard and frustrating.. I would really love to see some actual tribe battles and not real dog act moves where people are destroying wooden bases and taking everything they have, even lvl 30 parasaurs when the raide
  5. Server down OC-PVP-XboxOfficial-Ragnarok627 Has disappeared or crashed
  6. Server OC-PVP-XboxOfficial-theCentre635 ,consistant crashing and super high ping This server for the past few days has been crashing with super high lag spikes making it impossible to do anything. Yet there's still always one person online tha the may be the problem who knows. Can you's fix server please. Things like this happening in pvp ark is bullpoop specially if its over 5-6days, people lose alot of hard work and dedication. If you's can't consistantly manage your servers, you shouldnt be trying to manage everyone into having to consistantly jump on every day or 2 just to get anywhere
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