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  1. Perhaps the developers could blacklist them from the Genesis map, that could help a great deal.
  2. How else can you get Mana's? They are only found on Extinction. Usually the transfers are temporary halted for a month or so when every expansion releases, then become available across servers. I'm hoping when that does happen, we won't be placed in a situation of desperation for nerfs.
  3. Are there plans on nerfing the Mana for the Genesis map? With removal of flyers on genesis is there any incentive to use any other tame than the superior Mana's for PVP? How is one supposed to escape by flying? If devs are going to make no flyers only can you at least remove Mana's to keep the game from being stale in the Meta. Better suggestion: make it so that you can transfer stuff out of the Genesis map, but not into the map.
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