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  1. before this as you remember there were some names around such as Supermacy and omega and nemesis and other tribes . for making allies with stranger servers for short time for fighting with same enemy its important to know who is who because i don't want to make a bad movement and join loser sides . information is a key of success you know . who cares ??? so this days everyone is just try to hidden in caves like an scared spider and looks like they don't have any courage to make name in public cus as far as we know so many alpha , they just have talent for trash talking in game chat an
  2. WHO is powerful alpha tribe in PVP servers right know ? hey guys , i really like to know who is powerful alpha tribe in PVP servers right know .its nice to know the rank of tribes this days. please share your information and make game more interesting . what happened to " SUPERMACY " NEMESIS " ODIN PG ? in xbox cross play servers tribe STARKS and HORIZON are most two powerful alpha right know .
  3. in valg im using Dire bear because its very helpful you will not dismounting after bees attacked you .but i never tried tree platform and cage in Redwood . nice to know tanks . i found hive 4 foot top of ground on stone bridge so i made wooden structure to have access the hive after i destroyed it i didn't demolish the structure and even after 1 week hive never respawn again .
  4. well its bit disappointment to hear .in center i made big metal underwater trap and i trapped and tamed Dunkle lvl 140 between north jungle and lava island . after i lost my megalodon finally i started farming oil by my new dunkle . unfortunately i realized its so slow and low stamina and really gathered very small amount of oil i just get 500 oil and i ran to beach and cryo it fast. because at the deep ocean at oil spots there are so many angry mosa and electro snake and anglers and when you try to run to surface immediately bunch of megalodonds will chasing you and Dunkle is so slow it was
  5. YOUR FIGHTING STYLE How you wiping other tribes ? which reason usually you need to start fight and how far you go ? your tribe doing this for finding free stuff in enemy base or just you don't want to see so many competitor tribes around your base ? it's not good to have too many Caesars huh? some times alpha tribes will turn against allies when they saw they became too much powerful. do you usually killing all passive tames and destroying all structures or you teach them a lesson and give them a chance to rise again under your rules ? if you catch a name in your tribe log who killed on
  6. Blocking resource spots PVP Every day tribes from different servers such as other centers and especially abbrent's tribes blocking all metal spot in center ( there's a 3 big spot on north , middle and south jungle ) Redwood is calmed by another tribe. they put about 100 metal foundation and pillars and ladders to metal spot. same on skull islands on obsidian's spot and cp lakes. so is this a new way of fight ? otherwise in some servers alpha tribes blocked all metal spots with huge number of metal foundation and pillars and ladders and they live in cave . so the new people don't have chan
  7. next-generation console xbox x series and Ps5 is coming soon . and you remember what happened to xbox 360 ? the ps4 and xbox one will be obsolete soon ..its not make sense to making next version of game for current expired version of console . so the studio wildcard definitely will work on ARK2 for new consoles .probably end of 2021
  8. GOLDEN FUTURE IN ARK Studio Wild Card @WC you made a beautiful game with masterpiece gameplay but , it's CHANGED NOW , please understand this .unbalancing and unfair stuff happened in PVP servers and its the most annoying problem ever we comprehended . we already knew if the server population reach to full that would make game to real hell and so much problems and lags . just imagination you can't even join back to your server because of full population . so the question is how to prevent servers from high population ? the quick and right answer is : ALPHA TRIBES . the ALPHA
  9. for now the best advise is try to just drop eggs at hatchey room only when you are online or make sure a online tribe member can check the eggs and do not leave eggs at night . maybe after one week or more a new patch or update can fix the issue .
  10. when you wanna go for charge station never go alone . always take friend with mana to protect you . also always take 2 heavy turret with battery and 1k bullet . always keep in mind in PVP 24/7 someone is happily cant wait to ruined your nerves just for fun .
  11. upper floor is a big bug issue if you build across or edge of the map cu's the issue i saw when my dire bear or ovis or anything mammals drop baby on second or third floor the baby immediately falls into ground and i had to destroy some structure to catch it. if im right so it means you are part of tribe and looks like someone picked up your egg .
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