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  1. Just looking for a tribe to help grind and do whatever needs to be done. Me and my boy have been having a fought time getting started so we figured why not join someone else. We don’t tolerate any insisting or scum stuff like that so that won’t be a problem.
  2. They told me to keep an eye on the forums for patch notes
  3. But isn't the corrupted avatar skin only out til genesis releases? Because I can wait the 5 days to play the DLC and get HLN-A but I really want that skin!! It's cool hehe
  4. I didn’t even get the pet when I bought Genesis. RIP. Hopefully you figure out what’s going on!
  5. When someone says a game is “dying” it’s usually for one of these two reasons 1: It’s actually dying lol 2: They just stopped playing and think when they stop it’s clearly dead. I’ve been with ARK for basically its first release on Xbox and it’s had some really bad times but it always seems to bounce back from that! (WARNING! THIS IS MY OPINION) But on that note I do think it’s getting a bit more toxic? Idk, I’ve been trying new servers and for some reason people just go around giving swamp fever to every beech noob they see. Really sucks but is still an amazing game and ca
  6. Same with me! You’re not alone and I’m glad I’m seeing more people who are on the same boat as me
  7. Same! I bought it from the Xbox game store on Xbox One S and I tried everything from restarting to re-downloading the game itself! I’m scared because I want the corrupted avatar skin but I heard it ends when Genesis release on the 25th I don’t wanna miss out. Good luck to you!!
  8. And by re-download you mean ARK? Or the genesis dlc because I don’t have the genesis dlc download option
  9. I bought the genesis season pass on Xbox one S. I was hoping to get my free HLN-A pet but was very disappointed when I loaded up a game and didn’t see it!! I tried restarting console, game, and even internet. I really need help because I want the pet and don’t know what to do. (Also when I purchased the dlc it didn’t download anything so I’m not sure if I did something wrong)
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