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  1. Stoopid noob wyvern problems Ok so I'm a stoopid noob but my bf and I are playing valguero single player split screen on xbox one and we've fi ally levelled enough and have good enough argy's to attempt wyvern trench. Everything went well got a few eggs then realized we needed milk, read into it and found out that killing an alpha wyvern will give 50 milk so back we went. Killed EVERY wyvern in and around the trench (including the fire wyvern cave) and found no alpha! So after all that wasted time I read that we can spawn in milk by using cheats( I know it's bad but after spending all night getting prepped and not able to find the alpha I just want this to be over). So I looked up how to do it and attempted it but it didn't work! After i typed in the crazy long cheat code I hit enter moved over to box next to type box and hit "a" button and nothing happened! Not sure what's going on and not really interested in using the cheat now but would just like to know what I did wrong since it's my first time ever using a cheat
  2. Ok thanks we've figured out how to deal with the tether issue. Any idea about how to make the 2nd player able to see underwater or why the artifacts aren't spawning? Also since genesis went live we have started getting drops and the deinonychus eggs are spawning but now the engram for the saddle is missing☹ anyone else experience this?
  3. Valguero issues Playing on xbox one x split screen Started off when second player went for water fell in and found out he couldn't see under water. Next noticed absolutely no drops, we get tether issues randomly even if he's right beside me, and finally made it to the loot cave(34.2 51.3) and nothing not drops no artifact please help really enjoying the game until one of these issues occurs
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