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  1. Now its bugged, doesn't show any craftables and has a negative in inventory count.
  2. Hello, I have a replicator that was full for making drake saddles but needed to craft some shards so put 200 element in the replicator and crafted shards but no shards were to be found; none. I presume this to be a bug since the replicator inventory was full that it then just ate all 200 element and gave nothing back.
  3. Caution, heed this warning of doom & gloom, there is an odd teleporting bug at the base of this wall inside the aberration cave below the bridge of the large metal platform next to the spino lake in abba cave. I knocked out an event raptor here and was insta killed as I accessed its inventory and when I returned to my body & recovered my inventory and tried to feed the raptor I was teleported near the rad zone entrance minus my entire inventory. Rinse and repeat this scenario several times & eventually I found several bodies behind the rocks that were mine yet I didn't die accept t
  4. I lost my stuff and mana as well as did most of the server. The solution is simple place foundation at end of skiff, place ceiling on foundation so its sticking out far & place chairs or bench on the edge of the ceiling. Becareful with skiff and get the ceiling into nest but nothing else so skiff don't get stuck. I personally rescued one peep with this method thus far, all they have to do is sit down on chair or bench.
  5. Yes, killed by dc; specifically Mana dc. always above water or above raptor, carno or wolf pack. always, always. How about a server save warning so we can get off our manas in time to not die. 4 times an hour plus any extra long lag spikes cuz of 30 Massive Empty bases and then 500+ gigas on breed, how about a limit of how many dinos can be on breed. With cryos very little reason to have 500 dinos out per tribe, I can't think of any. Be considerate of the server and breed in small numbers and only a few different dinos at a time. Lag sux, it sux sooo bad it makes me hungry for Pineapple Pizza
  6. Thank you for your comments, I wasn't looking for a fix but rather just an fyi for all that take reaper off map. I have dozens of times without a problem, it was just that one. And if it isn't map related but rather drowning related then it in fact could be a big problem for even the players on abba.
  7. several times the whistle has made my quetzal trap move and or land making the knocked out q drop to the ground. Very annoying.
  8. I have tried to tame 2 epic event one trapped one not and they have both killed baby gigas one in fact 5 and no taming progress. I believe event has broke them and once it is over they will be back to tameable.
  9. I drowned on Crystal Isles and the baby was gone upon respawn Anyone else experience similar problem?
  10. We been getting crashed everyday and dcing all day long the whole server Why no fix in sight for such a thing.
  11. Facts, i just get out of game and come back in every time i lag on mana cuz its faster I find manas to great for losing everything u love cuz of mean bug devs never fixed
  12. Think this has been patched peeps but I utilize a mix based on availability. I tamed 2 lvl 135 tropical with 11 primal and 20ish regular crystal. Us primal for first 2 bites then mix in regular until it was at a % I could complete tame with my remaining primal & by doing this the taming % never dropped but I did lose 3 levels total 1 on 1 135 & 2 on the other as I only had 5 primal crystals left at this point. So it can be done by mixing but just using regular crystal even on low levels proably shouldn't be bothered with especially once x4 is over.
  13. I wish they would introduce more tek flyers
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