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  1. New recruit Hey, Just joined and was wondering if i could get recruited on a server ur playing. Have only played solo until now to learn everything and wanna try the online aspect of the game with a tribe. My psn is Biotenser. Pm me if your interested Grtz, Bio
  2. Looking for friendly pvp tribe server Hey everywanne, Fairly new to the game and only have played solo to learn how to play ark. I wanna try a friendly pvp server with tribes and set rules on an unofficial server. Maybe with some boosted taming,... I find it hard to find a good one by scrolling down the server list so i wanna try it this way. (Only have base game tho i could consider upgrading) Hit me up on ps4 if u want me to join and help out in your tribe. I can speak dutch, english and french Psn is "Biotenser"
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