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  1. Yeah for me it is a nest of basilisks at Volcano N.  I play on a private server so I brought Rock Drakes and Reapers.  Last night a tribe mate called for help.  He died a dozen times teleporting into Volcano N and was in danger of losing a drake.  I teleported in with 3 reapers.  They immediately killed 4 basilisks.  I thought I was clear so tried typing that the area was clear.  That’s when a 5th basilisk killed me.  Then I died 2 more times trying to teleport in.  We finally requested a “destroywilddinos”.

    that shouldn’t have been necessary  



  2. Constant Whistle (flyer land) on Win10 with Xbox controller

    I am playing Ark on Win10 nitrado server with a controller.  

    Whenever I have a Dino in my line of sight and touch a joystick I whistle (flyer land).  This also blocks the use of any other whistles.


    I started having this issue in December.  After looking up the bug I saw that Wildcard had the exact same issue last year, so I figured they knew how to fix it and would correct it quickly.  Well, it has been two months and am starting to lose patience with this issue.  Please fix it.  Thanks

    I started a new thread because the others are still from early 2019


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