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  1. Transfering issues So i joined a server , Rag210 PVE Official, and after a while i tried to transfer back to my server. As i try to transfer back i can find my server but when pressing the button to transfer it just doesn't happen anything. I dont know what i can do but it already sent a ticket but it seems like they take way too long to answer, which will result propably in my base decaying. Thanks
  2. Yea i got thanks mate, thanks very much
  3. But in which section do i do it?
  4. Help I was in a tribe and lost all my dinos because in a mistake i left my tribe and i am solo player I was on an official server on 47 island I lost a boss rex and a wyv, idk what to do now
  5. Music in extinction Hey all, I just started playing on extinction for a fewdays, i have just 1 simple question. Sometimes there is like a background music playing, i dont really know what it is so if anyone could help me
  6. This might be offtopic but will we get an EVO event this weekend before the release of the new expansion?
  7. I cant find nothing about it on twitter, could u post a link or pic Thanks, hopefully there is the event
  8. Evo event Since genesis is coming out early next week, do you giys kniw if there will be any EVO event this weekend before the release, or even maybe after it. My question comes because they havent said nothing yet about it
  9. Ok thanks, i thought it would still do as the start, but ye better use C then Thanks guys
  10. Velos Hi all, this must have been questioned million times, but i got my hand on a velo (pc pve) and when i use right click attack those shots get fired but it seems like it is not making any damage on other dinos. Thanks
  11. Ye what i meant was that glitch, hut idk if there is a way of making with only 2 people in the tribe
  12. But the same method cant be used in other maps? When i said aberr was because it might be easier to see what i am asking
  13. Metal farming Hi all, Im starting and ive seen a few videos of people farming metal in aberr. But i have a problem, im playing with just 1 friend is there any way of making that glitch of grappling something to the bird in a teibe of 2 people?
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