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  1. wow, now i saw the map isn't installed, but i don't understand why, i installed the map when i reinstalled the game, the same poop happened on ragnarock (after 5 hours on ragnarock) but on a different server, so i assume, now the fault is mine, but for ragnarock? the game have serious problem some time
  2. i did everything, unistal reinstall the game, validate the game files, but nothing works, so i assume i will never play that map, reason? who know, ark things
  3. the map have a problem with me i can't play on valguero, all the time the game crash with this error the crash come only with valguero map, with and without mod, single player and official server there's a solution or i simply can't play in his map? PS: i never played inside this map, and i don't have the map mod for valguero
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