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  1. Day 5 of love evolved And, I’m reading a book because I can’t log into rag. Thank you WC.
  2. Unfortunately i fastracked to bed in metal house, no way I’m dying and can’t send tribe mate to help.
  3. Rag blue screen issue and genesis I’ve been unable to log into ragnarok for 2 days now while everyone else enjoys3x breeding. I’ve also been debating whether or not to buy genesis. It’s not the bug that bothers me, it’s the utter lack of communication. Tweeting about dev teams spinning plates is not what I need. I need ‘we understand it’s an issue, and we will make it right by doing this and this.’ Seriously wildcard, get a marketing team. It will help me go along way to decide whether myself or tribemates will spend anymore money on this game or the PS4 for that matter.
  4. Rag blueScreen bug fix update please! Now 2 days into 3x breeding event many of us can’t take part in because of a bug. Can we at least get an update on eta for a fix? Will it be fixed for the weekend?
  5. Infinite blue screen error CE-34878-0 on official ragnarok 295 I can’t log in to ragnarok PS4 official server 295, I always get blue screen error CE-34878-0. I’ve tried everything suggested online including deleting data initializing ps4 and reloading app. It’s just ragnarok, I can log onto official island server with different character. It happened first time fast tracking to bed by red loot drop in desert. Please fix! I’m literally stuck unable to play as my tames and babies die and structures decay.
  6. Please fix CE-34878-0 crash error PS4 ragnarok Ragnarok crashes every time I log on to official PVE server 295. Please fix! It does not crash when logging on with different character to island server.
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