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  1. A little bummed that walrus creature from last time wasn't in the vote. Hopefully next time.
  2. Am I the only person not caring about Ark 2 news or U5 news? All I want is more dinos and a few maps to Ark 1 and I'll be more than happy. The dinos don't even need to be super unique, I just love taming and raising the little buggers. So the new creature(s) "contest" gets two big thumbs up from me!
  3. Is anyone else having HLNA not show up after paying for the Genesis dlc? It's not in my inventory at all. I'm on xbox.
  4. If you google "survivetheark submit a ticket" there is a link to follow. I had to submit one for the plethora of issues on Scorched Earth.
  5. I filed a ticket. They emailed me back saying "hopefully in the near future".
  6. Great. Now will Wyverns, Phoenix, beacons, cave drops, desert drops, and artifacts finally spawn on Scorched Earth?
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