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  1. When will the bug that Crystal Isles is devoid of life be fixed?
  2. If thats the case I would set it to 1.5. So 20 wolves dont hunt you down.
  3. Crystal Isles Is completely Void of Life I know for a fact I am not the only one seeing this. Crystal Isles is completely void of living creatures. You only really see creatures every so often. In order for them just to spawn I have the spawn rates set to 2.0. Hopefully this gets fixed next patch and soon.
  4. The metal ocean platform does not require any Genesis materials. They could transfer with the engram and make on.
  5. Valguero Crashes During Transfers Hello, I am have been having this problem for a long time on the Steam version of ARK singleplayer. Whenever I transfer things to or from Valguero the game freezes up and the game crashes. This is constant and happens whenever I transfer dinos.
  6. Friend Cannot Join Non-Dedicated Session (Steam) My friend and I have been having problems with him joining my non dedicated session. Whenever he tries to join whether he is invited directly, or when he joins from my profile it always says something similar to "Host connection error" or something like that. I have a couple mods on the server and maybe that may play a role. Is there any solution to this problem at all? Or are we going to not be able to play at all?
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