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    Ground Clutter

    Ground Clutter IDK if this is an issue for just xbox, but ground clutter quality 0 command doesn't work for certain things in the bog, especially those, "tree islands", way up in the trees. This is pretty troubling since on xbox, the game is very laggy and having less things rendering in would help. Also, I know it's been a known issue but all commands other than ground clutter actually stick around after closing the game, which makes me have to go into a solo session every time and change the commands. Hopefully these issues can be fixed or else I might buy an xbox x just to finally have at
  2. Turret Scarring System First off, I know genesis has just released meaning that everyone is hyped and trying to build up on the new server, but I just came here to present an idea I thought of. During my time playing ark, I have heard complaints that soakers break the game, particularly with the release of the snowl, who makes turrets, for both bigger tribes and smaller tribes useless since you can just use on soaker and a snow owl and eat away all the ammo from turrets and offline raid the base easy peasy. For this reason. I was speculating that there could be a scarring mechanic, which wou
  3. Best PvP Tames? I understand that right now, Gigas and Mana's are the most spammed and used espcially in the biiger tirbes, but what are some other tames that can used for PvP?
  4. Where to make a base? So my tribe has finally found a friendly server in which we can build up without getting absolutely demolished in the first few days, and we for the first time have enough materials to make a pretty good metal base with turrets and everything. We were wondering though what would necessarily make a spot viable? As in should the base be high, accessible only by flyer, in a cave? etc... We are currently building a ragnarok and I we can't do anything exceptionally crazy like making an invulnerable underwater cave base, just general tips when choosing a bse location.
  5. Do structures lag the game? Very recently, I moved onto an extinction server,and the ping on that server stayed at least at a 300 at its lowest. There were structures everywhere on this map, and we couldn't even move without rubber banding or glitching through the ground. Could this have been because of the large amount of structures that the presumed alpha's made? And if this is case, how do alpha's even manage to play with that lag? I would assume that some of this spamming could have been done on purpose to discourage people from trying to build up on the server, but it would seem purely
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