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    Recruiting Recruiting on official were a branch of SC building up If you join you'll have to climb the ranks It will be easy and hard at the same time we expect tribe task to be done weekly tribe task isn't time consuming u have a higher chance of being in the tribe if u have genesis and is willing to get blood stalkers or magma eggs our tribe will always be open we just need some information from you .... Also The server were on we are turning it into a alliance server so if u don't wanna be in the tribe u can just join our server you will be safe if u build up there if u wanna join msg me on psn Royalty_34 or hmu on discord @UnluckyBurden#3483
  2. Royal28


    Are your recruiting I would like 2 join your tribe in 16 I have 3000 hours and I would love 2 play with u my PSN is Royalty_34 and my discord is UnluckyBurden#3483
  3. I'm 16 with a lvl 70 character I've played ark on ps4 for a year and 2 on xbox I can do anything u want execpt for griff pvp dont expect much from me there besides tht I can do anything u ima great builder in my opinion
  4. Msg me Royalty_34 on PSN discord UnluckyBurden#3483
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