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  1. Is the event still going because everyone is having issues? If so whens the end date? Ark rates now says 2x
  2. What are you trying to do.? Grind low rate for what. I'm just curious
  3. I've lost so many wyverns over the years and wasted so much time looking for them....the last dino I lost was a dinopithicus in the redwoods I got ambushed by the micro raptor / troodon combo..apparently monkey was still set on aggressive from being on dino leash at my base...it ran off and I eventually found it 4 days later..how dumb of me
  4. Ya I agree pve sounds like the place u seek...what platform are you on? If u are on Xbox I can give u some stuff
  5. I disagree about flying dinos late game. Other things pretty good
  6. GAMBITSareWild

    Ark 2 pve

    Sure..I enjoy pve as is although i can appreciate what you are saying. Maybe if a tribe is acting shady or borderline griefing there can be a vote to eliminate them ...kind of like a bounty.
  7. Man this sounds like a fun time lol him logging in and those dinos toast
  8. Maybe find someone on a different server get some top stat gigas and eat his wyverns and shadowmanes lol
  9. They need better faces for men and hairstyles. I agree and a way to change your name too. I didn't have the name human..but I'd like to change it.
  10. They need better faces for men and hairstyles.
  11. Whats funny is after he finally left i basically said just letting you know I would have gladly given u some freebies or tips in general ( because he asked if the gacha is useful...this dude was lvl 100) but since u just came in didn't leave when I asked u too I'm not gonna do that now. All u had to do was ask to come in , in the chat....no response lol...he/shes newer to server ive seen them trading with ppl..so..they know what they're doing lol
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