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  1. It doesnt ..im on gen 2 been having same issue. Built on top of dam of rockwell side. I had to put cliff platforms on side of dam and put tek crops there. Sucks
  2. They took away what was unique about wyverns not being able to breed them...so why the need to jump through hoops anymore...theyve added multiple maps that dont have wyverns..which do allow tamed wyverns. And with all the instability lately why restict raising and having to transfer wyvern milk..which expires fast..doesnt really make sense anymore..just my opinion
  3. I think what he means is since they are breedable now., why not feed them meat and do away with milk. I dont think thats unreasonable ..since they eat meat grown.
  4. Anyone know ...dont have social media
  5. Construction worker fact: coming from a fellow co worker" did you know dinosaurs never existed" Spit out my coffee laughing lol
  6. But i was using air conditioners...havent had any since started using incubator...
  7. Had triplets on xbox..with multi dinos..that sucks but ya something doesnt seem right there
  8. Ya I transferred to that server Sunday..was able to finally get in randomly after multiple cannot retrieve address messages. Get in...say thank God im finally getting out of this server..to realize the jokes on me..I can't transfer out...I'm solo ..got 4 other bases on maps ...that are gonna be toast
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