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  1. I’ve loaded them with meat before going to work 8 hrs and load up maewing no problems before
  2. It says until 12th Labor Day is not the 12th
  3. Is the event still going because everyone is having issues? If so whens the end date? Ark rates now says 2x
  4. Ya I agree pve sounds like the place u seek...what platform are you on? If u are on Xbox I can give u some stuff
  5. GAMBITSareWild

    Ark 2 pve

    Sure..I enjoy pve as is although i can appreciate what you are saying. Maybe if a tribe is acting shady or borderline griefing there can be a vote to eliminate them ...kind of like a bounty.
  6. Man this sounds like a fun time lol him logging in and those dinos toast
  7. Maybe find someone on a different server get some top stat gigas and eat his wyverns and shadowmanes lol 😆
  8. Dont feel bad man I can appreciate the thought u put into you're ideas. It would definitely be a very different version of ark. I do like the kicked from tribe background check and the good evil tribe thing. Since there's so many shady ppl online
  9. Well ty I appreciate that:) I really need to get a pc, I just have a chromebook. My pc bit the dust it was old.
  10. I ve been solo on official xbox pve for past couple years..new guy came to server seemed like he wanted to learn and friendly and polite. So I asked if he wanted to join me..he was super thankful blah blah...anyways he lasted a day. Freaked because he kept dying...it was weird...idk I trade talk to ppl but idk haven't had luck. I play couple hours at night and some on the weekends..that's my story
  11. Tek raptors, just for looks..favorite for utilization shadowmane
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