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  1. To get in game now, search "Ark Elite Eire" on the Unofficial PC Sessions server list. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/mm8F56x Or Discord Server Link Click Me To Join ! Rates: 10x Gather Instant Taming 25x Maturing 50x Egg Hatch Custom Crafting Other Information: Unlimited Survivor and tame weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 1000 per point spent Survivor Health increases by 50 per point spent Survivor Melee increases by 15 per point spent Survivor Speed increases by 3% per point spent Survivor Stamina Increased 600 per point spent Survivor Fortitude increases by 10 per point spent Crafting speed increases by 100000 per point spent Boosted Tame Stats(6x Official Health and Melee) Custom Stacks(Ammo-1k)(Resources-10k)(Structures-100) Custom Dino’s (Extinction)(Aberration) (Rag) (SE) Servers: (PvP) Ragnarok 32 Slots - Wiped(0/10) (PvP) Ragnarok 20 Slots - Wiped(0/10( PvP) Excintion 20 Slots - Wiped(0/10) More Servers + Upgraded Slots Coming Soon ! ————————————————— More Server Customizations Updates Coming Soon !
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