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  1. Bump still going strong day 2. All new players get 48 hours of base protection!
  2. Wipe 20/03 Legacy Ark 7X/6Man/Orp/S+ Cluster Welcome to Legacy Ark Community Cluster.Server Info:Harvest x7XP x7Taming x7Breeding x10WildDino lvl 150WildTekDino lvl 180Player Level 105MaxTribeLimit: 6CaveDmg x6Orp:5X Offline Turret damage2X Offline HPMods:Editable Server UIHG Stacking Mod 1000-50Bitou2k's BinocularHG Pick Up Gun V1.0S+Cake FixIngame shop (Limited amount of things to buy)Rules: You can read the rules on our discord-server. https://discord.gg/RRsksym
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