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  1. Just an update back to this, I've permanently changed umask to allow folder and file creation for full permissions as well as chmoded the entire cluster folder. When I use chmod the steam64 id becomes recognized as an executable folder but nothing changes. I am still unable to transfer without being prompted to create a new survivor. However every-time a new steam64id is created in the cluster, it reverts back to owner read and write access only. My next step is to move the cluster to a network share and see if that helps otherwise I'll be moving on from Linux to Windows. Totally out of ideas.
  2. I know this is an old post but I am currently experiencing the exact same thing. Were you able to get this working?
  3. Thank you for referring me, we are currently testing out some issues as I am currently using containers and not a vm. I'll post back with what I find.
  4. 1. They are all in the same container. 2. I created a shared directory using this guide with 777 permissions instead of 770 the article called for: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-create-a-shared-folder-between-two-local-user-in-linux/
  5. 1.Cluster directory is identical along with clusterid per map. 2. The server is running on a Dell R610 running proxmox 6.1-5VE 3. The servers are running in a Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS LXC container.
  6. The cluster is automatically created. 1.Cluster directory is identical along with clusterid per map. 2. The server is running on a Dell R610 running proxmox 6.1-5VE 3. The servers are running in a Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS LXC container. I have reached my post limit please reach me at the username provided for discord. Tibster186#4103
  7. Yes I have those ranges port forwarded. I found a thread from September of you suggesting the same thing and I really hoped that was the problem as the symptoms are exactly the same.
  8. So I made some progress.... 1. I removed MultiHome= 2. I renamed the shared /home/clusters/ folder to /home/cluster/ Now inside /home/cluster/clusters/clusterid/ I see my steam64 ID but I am still unable to transfer my character back into Ragnarok from Aberration. If I copy and paste my profile back into the Ragnarok game file I can spawn back into Ragnarok with my character. When I run to an obelisk and transfer to Aberration it works...but I still cannot turn around and transfer back to Ragnarok. I've also noticed when I transfer from Ragnarok to Aberration my survivor profile leaves the Ragnarok/Saved/ folder completely. If I want to try anything else again on Ragnarok I have to re copy and paste my profile back into the Ragnarok server.
  9. 1. Server 1 - 7777, 27015, 27020 Server 2 - 7779, 27016, 27021 2. All quotes have remained in the current locations in the example. Sorry for the late reply just worked a double.
  10. I was also able to restore my survivor to the Aberration server which has nothing on it currently. If I want to take it back to Ragnarok I'll have to stop the servers remove the cluster parameters and then download the survivor from Aberration and Upload him to Ragnarok. Still not quite sure why the transfer will not go through.
  11. My apologies I forgot I took care of the $ signs already. I'll edit the post to avoid further confusion. I'll remove the MultiHome as well.
  12. Cross Ark Cluster Survivor Transfer Failure - Survivor Gone Hello All, Long time reader first time poster. I have 1 dedicated server in which I own on my local network. Running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. I have setup up multiple servers utilizing method 2 in this guide: I was able to travel to a Obelisk in Ragnarok and transfer to Aberration however once I arrived in Aberration it prompted me to produce a new character. Following trying to load back into Ragnarok I am prompted to create a new player. I am able to see the other server in my cluster, type in the password and connect but now there is now survivor on either server. Inside each Saved map folder my survivor ID is no longer present and I will have to retrieve this from a backup I made to get my survivor back. The shared folder between clusters is located at /home/clusters/ where the server created /home/clusters/clusters/<clusterid> with permissions 777. I have double and triple checked the GUS.ini and the instance.cfg and all are correct. Should i create links between users to the shared folder? Start parameters: fn_parms(){ parms="\"Aberration_P?AltSaveDirectoryName=Aberration_P?listen?MultiHome= -automanagedmods -NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=/home/clusters -clusterid=XXXXXX\"" } I am currently stumped. What would cause this issue?
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