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  1. Bloodstalkers Issue Since genesis has come out i have been breeding tons of bloodstalkers on ps4 pcunoffical pve. When the bloodstalkers were first released they felt perfect, minus maybe that crawling on walls could be a bit glitchy. But after valentines event dropped i noticed that the web swinging mechanics weren't as fluid as they once were. Which got fixed by this newest update, the spider feels all around much more smoother. But i noticed one last glitch, flyers can no longer be tethered and brought in. It alows you to web them for a second but it immediately disconnects. I was just wondering if someone had noticed this and if not when or if we could expect a fix.
  2. Its 2020 and still stuck HELP!!! I just recently bought the season pass for this game and soon after i was locked from leaving the server. I am stuck on the center i just bought the 2 newer maps and cant even use them. I feel like i just got robbed. Someone please help
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