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  1. An rag168 not showing up in server list
  2. July 2020 dunkle update I use the dunkle slot, all the time actually. When I seen in the patch update that they recieved a weight reduction I was excited. Until I got online and nothing has change. Everything else change speed the metal increase, but the dunkle weight reduction hasn't.
  3. Just to be clear, i'm also on sp rag, checked all other maps and samething. Used detroywilddinos command, nothing. Im rebooting xbox to see now.
  4. Let it be known, that there are also no tuesos, mosa, plesi, plagornis, giga, wyvern, dunkle, beaver spawns, boss battles are still messed. Also still no loot beacons.
  5. I have also noticed that there are no ples, mosa, tuso, dunkls, anglers. This is on most of the maps.
  6. Hey Spartangrim117, just tame urselfs a therozeno, lvl one in to heavy gathering, and the other into light gathering, wood, thatch and fiber, as well as flowers, mushrooms, all with one utility dino.
  7. To get around the no beverdam, had to get 10 snails. That becomes 1000 cp a pop. Feed cake. Wait and another 1000 cp.
  8. Dunkle is also very good. With the reduced damage, it'll tank the cave clean. Just the respawn seems ridiculously fast.
  9. Once most of the wyverns are gone, be quick, collect the eggs close by. Rinse and repeat.
  10. I will say, i have had success with farming the secondary wyvern cave on rag, for eggs. Had to build 2 different rafts out side of it, one to hold a giga, and one to trap wyverns for milk. Also, whale is very useful. Dismount and they come close to the water. Poke the whales head out and chomp away. Be sure to have gas mask.
  11. This issue has been around since the end of winterwonderland. I did a respawn for the wild dinos, and haven't seen any nest sights, any peligornis, giga, loot drops, artifacts, and cannot spawn into boss battles. Get kicked to 50 50. Word of warning, dont reinstall. Had to restart everything again, and it doesn't fix the issue. Now all old game plays are corrupted.
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