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  1. Raids and counter measures I am thinking through a base design and need ideas on how it could be raided and possible counter measures. Here is my current thought. Building in an underwater cave on the island. I would like to get one with the smallest entrance as to prevent riding larger tames in. Raid tactical I have considered: 1) Flack run. This can be prevented with correctly positioned heavy turrets. 2) Mana jumping I have seen a lot of base designs where a mana can dart over the turret wall and destroy the generator. This can be countered by building a blockade to the ceiling. And having turrets in the back of the base. Surprised how many builds make this mistake 3) Stego rocket rush This can be somewhat countered by getting the turrets far enough away that they cannot be easily reached. Also can rockets be fired under water? If not then maybe building overlapping hatch frames or something that prevent a Stego from surfacing would prevent this until they were cleared first. 4) Suicide bombers Whistling in tames like turtles with c4 strapped on. making sure the vitals are hard to get to like turret out of range(high up). Can minimize the damage from this. 5) Soakers Walking a rock ele or Stego into the cave and soaking the turrets. I think this is one of the hardest to counter. If one of the cave entrances is small enough that a rock elemental can’t walk in it would have to be deployed in the cave which might be hard to mount with some player only turrets with line of sight. Maybe some microraptors to dismount players or dimorphodons to attack the rider. Would a pack of deinonychus be able to mess up some soakers with their bleed ability? 6) Meshing squid Using the squid to mesh through the top of the cave. Not positive if this is still a think but considering this is ark I am guessing it is. Maybe a giga would be able to attack it in the mesh to help defend from this? Help me think of other attacks and counter measures that can be used. I know every base is raidable but the more required resources/tames, counters or annoying defenses the less likely it will be successfully raided. My goal is to set up a base I can breed and use long enough to run some bosses to unlock tek. As a side note I do not have tek or extinction. I may pick up extinction so I can get Velos to help defend. EDIT: I can’t respond as my limit has been reached... (You should be able to respond to your own topic without limitations). Anyway to clarify I am not saying to mesh with the giga. The thought is if someone is meshing with the squid the giga would be able to bite it (This is more about offline raiding so giga would have to attack on its own). Also mosa c4 would not be an issue as it would not fit in the cave (smallest cave entrance as stated above). Update: My base lasted less then one week on an very low population server. I had 8 heavys and 6 standard and 4 plants around the entrance with another 4 heavys and 4 standards and 2 plants along the back wall. From the logs it was attacked by a mek and Stego. I put up fence supports across the front to prevent dinos from rushing past the first line of defense while leaving line of site for the back turrets. He died once during raid by the turrets. My guess is he soaked my front turrets rocketed by wall from the Stego to kill the plants then some how deployed the mek(it’s a small cave) to kill my tames and destroy what he could.
  2. Jaybit42

    PvP Rebalance

    So your telling me I have time to grapple a mana darting around like crazy and kill it before it can near insta kill me with its breath? I was weight running with an Argy 5000k health around 55 armor saddle and a mana jumped near me. Within 3 seconds my Argy was frozen died and I was frozen and killed. I would consider that difficult to counter. Say I am able to damage the mana before it can freeze me. It can just jump to safety in 0.2 seconds then jump back and hit me at range. It I were to grapple it first I would be dead before I am able to damage it. As DontKillTeal wrote above it’s the combination that makes the mana over powered. It’s mobility, range and damage are a deadly combination. Something extremely fast should be balanced by being super squishy and be required to dart in do damage and get out. Think about standard builds in games. You have your DPS which is a glass cannon. Your tank with high health but low speed and mid to low damage.
  3. Jaybit42

    PvP Rebalance

    Just because it’s already been nerfed doesn’t mean it’s currently balanced. What dino would you use to counter a mana? Can you prevent yourself or dino from getting frozen? Can you chase one down? can you flee from one? If the only way to counter a mana is with another mana it’s not balanced. Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock. Without any balance it just becomes a boring game of mana beats everything. Something incredibly fast should not also deal massive damage in seconds while freezing you in place.
  4. Jaybit42

    PvP Rebalance

    PvP Rebalance The current state of PvP in ark is unbalanced. With a small set of dinos any base can be foundation wiped without the use of any resources. When the balance is tipped towards the raider everything gets wiped constantly(as things currently are). When the balance is tipped towards bases people build up excessively. With a good balance no base should be unraidable but there should be a challenge and a cost involved in it. Currently you can foundation wipe most all bases with a rock elemental or other Dino for soaking and a mek or arthropluera to break metal. That means anyone that can get these can go around wiping bases without using any resources. This is causing an unbalance that favors raiding everything because there is no cost involved. Now if the same person needed 100 c4 to raid that same base most likely they would only raid it if they through it was worth the cost. I think the mek, soakers / defenses, arthropluera and structures need to be rebalanced. In addition the Managarmr also needs a rethink as it’s over powered. It can hit at range, it can flee in an instant, it freezes its target. It can kill everything because of its ability to move so fast and hit from range. It’s better then every flyer. In PvP everything needs pros and cons and every power needs a counter. Update: I gave you a second run Ark but it’s time I call it quits again. You had the potential to be an amazing game. I had some amazing times early on but too many mistakes have been made. An unbalanced game is just not fun.
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