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  1. Cnidaria need a change Something needs to change about the absolute dominance of the ocean that these silly jellyfish currently hold. Yes, I know that basilosaurous are immune to them, but having only a single option to manage the stun locking effect of the cnidaria is boring. I like plesiosaur and mosasaur and tusotuethis, but the way things currently are, they are only window dressing. I am sure there can be many ways of making the ocean more interesting, and I suspect that a good bit of effort is going to be put towards that with Genesis. I just want to try and have this concern with the cnidaria being the alpha predator of the deeps be considered as well. So I guess if this has to be boiled down to a yes/no, Should cnidaria be changed to hold less dominance of the ocean?
  2. Would you please re-consider the wyvern nerf on Primitive pve. It is now nearly impossible to kill wild wyverns with your own tamed one.
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