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  1. 13 小时之前, RTGLoot 说:


    Yes, this idea comes from the theory of acquired trait inheritance.

    Despite the competing theories of genetics, but Ark2 is a (not so rigorous) game.
    And in a sense, the creatures of the ark are essentially genetically modified species that have been artificially screened, thus laying more logic for the realization of the idea.

  2. I love Ark 1,  four years have not diminished my interest. Our tribe has set foot on all maps on the official PVE server, and just recently defeated the Alpha King Titan, so I am looking forward to Ark 2 and Fjordur!

    After I told my friends about my expectations for Ark 2, I couldn't wait to share it. Unlike the discussion on the tribal mechanism in the forum, I focused more on creatures, which have the characteristics of rewards and punishments.


    Suitable areas for different creatures
    For example: if Spinosaurus is too far away from the water, its attack power and movement speed will be reduced, its stamina and health recovery will be slowed down, and its anesthesia will be longer.
    Therizinosaurus, if it exists in forests and plains with many plants, its attack power and movement speed are increased, its stamina and health recovery are accelerated, and its anesthesia is shorter.
    A counter-example is the Rex, which has the property of being applicable to many areas, which is also proof of its real-life status as an apex predator.

    My idea came from preventing certain powerful creatures from becoming generic in the mid to late game. An example is the Scorched Earth morellatops dromedarius, which is suitable for Scorched Earth environments, but is now difficult to be used by players.


    Breeding mechanism
    Ark 1's breeding system is monotonous and boring, at least for the small and medium-sized tribes I'm in on the official server, I have to use a huge number of females creatures to mate and leave it to the god of fate to decide
    My idea is to have a greater chance of determining the direction in which the player breeds creatures in a specific way (maybe difficult to achieve)
    For example: if a creature has fought a lot in the 120 minutes before mating, the offspring will have a higher probability of gaining health, stamina, and melee damage mutation points.
    If a creature carries more than half of its load in the 120 minutes before mating, the offspring will have a higher probability of gaining endurance and load-bearing mutation points.
    If the creature does nothing in the 120 minutes before mating, the offspring will become more comfortable, and the probability of health and food mutation points will be higher.


    Thanks everyone for watching😊

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